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On 23 November 2016
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This Australian personal sex ads dating website delivers exactly what you want and more!

From our experience with, we have found it to be an excellent dating site for hooking up with girls and actually having sex with them. It is a site with some unique features that really give you an advantage when trying to meet girls who not only hold interest in you and your profile, but also want to take it all the way. This is not an average dating site. Xpress utilizes advanced algorithms and a straightforward dashboard to increase your chances of meeting someone compatible, which we have used with proven success. This means exactly what you think it does; lots of sex with thirsty, hot women. There are a ton of functions, profile components, and search tools that make a successful and compelling dating site. It is one of the top sites on our list of recommendations.

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If you are wondering if Xpress is a legitimate site for hook ups and casual sex, we can tell you with confidence that it is. Our team of 4 guys tested 300 different dating sites over the course of 4 months in order to find the best that is out there. With so many dating sites swarming over the internet, it can be really tough to find one that truly works. We were sick of phony sites and endless conversations with unknown people, so we decided to find out for ourselves, which site is truly the cream of the crop. After testing the waters and searching through a multitude of profiles, Xpress reviews as hands-down, one of the best dating sites out there in the endless sea of the internet. Through an intense process of scrutiny, we sent out 160 emails to potential women on, which lead to our successful arrangement of 63 dates. Now, we can’t promise that a date will lead to sex, but our ratio of success was a whopping 59 sealed deals out of those 63 dates. The women on this site really do want to get it on, and as long as you act like a decent human, it is very likely that you can get some too.

A Few Features That Make (And You) Stand Out From The Crowd

From our extremely enjoyable research and experience on, we have found that a few of the special features on the site are what make it an effective and successful tool for meeting women who want sex as much as us. As with many dating sites, Xpress is based around your profile and your account activity. However, what makes it special are some of the more advanced features that allow you to create a very detailed and specific profile. These features, in combination with the an excellent matching algorithm and an astounding search engine, make it super easy to find willing and able girls. Below are just a few of our favorite features that helped us answer the question, “Is Xpress Real Enough to Get Us Laid?”

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We recommend you to use Xpress in Australia. It ranks #1 as the BEST dating sites for having sex. Visit right now!

Dating Profile Activity Notifications on Xpress

One of the most fantastic features on, is that you receive notification of activity from other users on your profile. This means you know who is checking you out, whether they want to add you as a friend, meet in real life, or even if they just took a peek at your profile. This gives guys a killer advantage when trying to meet a potential woman for any kind of hook up. It means less sifting through huge amounts of profiles, and finding more girls who are already interested in meeting up.

Extremely Detailed Profiles Deter Xpress Scams

The range of detail that can be added to a profile on Xpress is another strong advantage to making this dating site one of the best. Not only is it beneficial for helping develop your profile to attract a potential mate, but it is also great for finding out more about the available women on the site. When you fill out the ‘What I Am Looking For’ section, you are able to match your profile with tons of other profiles that are seeking the same. From sexual positions to common interests, this is a great way to increase your odds of a hook up with someone who wants it as much as you. This is also a great way to to tell if Xpress is legit as it is easier to determine if a detailed profile is real or not.

Hyper Accurate Search Engine on Xpress

Augmented by the extremely detailed profiles, the search engine on Xpress yields super accurate results. The algorithm on this site functions as one of the best that we have ever tested. It allows you to filter through tons of options and preferences so that you can narrow in and hit the literal nail on the head every time. This makes it really easy to match with perfect candidates, which greatly increases your odds of actually having sex.

If You Are Wondering “Is Xpress Any Good?” – The Final Verdict

After a lot of searching and many hours spent reviewing hookup sites, Xpress reviews by far as one of the best sites for not just meeting new people, but actual encounters that result in sex. From one-night stands, casual hook ups and more discrete affairs, has it all. With all of their unique features and advanced dating algorithms, it is pretty evident why they rank so high in the dating site game. They put the fruit out there, and all you need to do is pluck it. Although the site is free to register and start to use, we would strongly recommend upgrading to the silver or gold membership plans as well for one simple reason: both plans come with a 100 Day Get Laid Guarantee. This means if for some obscure reason, this site doesn’t work for you like it worked for us, you can get your money back and you are no worse off than your currently unlaid self. If you are too cheap to try it, then sign up for free, and we still think there is a pretty good chance of making something happen.