7 Things that will excite her mind on an online date in the UK

exite her mindExcite Her Mind On Dates

Coming off from a bad breakup? Or maybe you’ve just been single for far too long, and are looking to get back into the dating world. Well, the vast spectrum of online hookup sites are there for you. Being blessed enough to live in the internet era, we’re able to form connections with all assortments of hot local singles in our area looking for a great time. Yes, by great time, we mean fun dates with very happy endings. Dating isn’t the most straightforward thing in the world, even on adult dating platforms, but there are certain things that us guys can do in order to make sure that our dates end well for all parties. The seven tidbits outlined below are awesome tips for having a great one-night stand, or even just a great date in general.

Dress For The Occasion

The first step to any date (after the essential shower) is, of course, getting dressed. Although this is a prerequisite to dating (or going outside in general, unless you’re some kind of delinquent), it should not be taken for granted. The way you dress for a date determines the first impression you leave your lucky lady with. Dress like a slob and you’ll be treated like a slob. Dress like a stud, and you might get a stud’s happy ending when your date concludes.

Be A Gentleman

Of course, a gentleman doesn’t mean bending to your lady’s every living whim. It just means being a good man who is there for his woman. Open the car door for her, hold her arm in yours as you walk down crowded streets. Always keep an eye out for her needs, and respond to them accordingly. This will make you stand out from all the surefire schmucks she’s dated in the past. James Bond gets with plenty of girls, and that’s because he is a gentleman through and through.

Read Her Body Language

The vast majority of person to person language is communicated in areas other than the mouth. A woman’s body language, especially, says a lot about what she’s feeling. If you’re talking to her for a long time and you see her eyes shift to view your surroundings, and her torso and legs are facing away from you, you’re probably boring her. Conversely, if she’s holding steady bright eye contact with you, and she’s laughing and playing with her hair as you tell her a story, this is probably an indication that you’re date is going extremely well, and you should just go with the flow of it.

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Engage In Subtle Body Contact

Breaking the physical barrier is a hard thing to do by principle. If it’s not done well, it can lead to disastrous results. By no means should you plunge into this area full force. Start by nudging her shoulder playfully when she says something funny, or adjusting her walking trajectory when she’s about to step in a puddle and mess up her pretty dress. You plan on really breaking the touch barrier later on, but this needs to be first introduced earlier in the night.

Listen To Her

Women love a man who listens and engages in the topics she wants to talk about. Of course, they might not be the things you’re most passionate about, but you owe this person the respect of your full attention when you’re on a date with her. There’s nothing worse than a man who just wants to talk about his favourite things while completely disregarding anything his lady has to say. Be attentive, and maybe you’ll actually learn something.

Be Funny

We all love to laugh, and women on a first date love to laugh especially heart. They say that chocolate is the key to a woman’s heart, but we’d like to offer that chocolate and laughter provide us with a master key to their hearts. Don’t cop out with knock-knock jokes, either. Be genuinely funny, and she’ll genuinely like you.

Excite Her Mind

This is what it all comes down to in the end. Excite a woman’s mind, and she’ll be all yours. The way to the excitement of a woman’s mind is by following all of the tips we highlighted above, and by doing so in your own unique way. She’s on a date with you, after all, so she expects you to be your own, exciting self. Excite her mind, and maybe you’ll get the chance to excite other parts of her later into the night.