Review of the Best one night stand dating services

There are some very good NZ Dating sites floating about the internet for getting no-strings attached sex. But the process for determining the good from the bad from the ugly is not always apparent to someone who is just using the site to get laid. Some of the dodgier dating sites employ nefarious, underhanded tactics to get you to pay for their service, and then you find out that all the beautiful women you wanted to hook up with, were really just pictures of escorts from Las Vegas. So instead of having to learn this all the hard way, we took the time to research and determine which were the best online hookup sites, and which ones were not so good.

It’s fairly easy to determine if a site is legit or not. The only problem is it takes a bit of time. We took four months of interacting with the site, e-mailing the girls, and then setting up dates to determine which sites were the best and which weren’t. At that point after we had set up our dates, we made sure that the girls actually showed.

A lot of these hookup sites will take your money offering nothing but fake profiles with random models to make the male to female ratio appear much larger than it actually is. Sometimes they even respond to your invitation using chatbot algorithms to trick you into paying for the premium service or bait you on the hope of getting laid to continue paying a monthly fee for their online hookup site.

We’ve gone through the process with our team of six guys so that you don’t have to waste your time or money. People falling for these scams just encourages more of these fraudulant dating sites to pop up, saturating the industry and giving it a bad name

Our team tested over 300 legitimate dating sites and sadly, only a few of them were the real deal. I don’t want to give you the impression that they were all scam sites. It was just that someone of them were newer sites and those sites really didn’t have a solid user base yet. In a very small number of cases, the sites turned out to be nothing more than phishing scams, or fronts for cam girls, porn sites, or escort services.

Our review site sorts out the good from the bad and teaches you what to look for when assessing an online hookup site.

Which NZ Dating sites did we test?

Some of the hookup sites we tested were:

How did we test the hookup sites?

We tested the best dating sites by sending out over 150 emails to various women on every site. We then analysed what sort of responses we got in return. There were a couple tests that we ran to determine the quality of the site to get laid.

One such test was to send multiple e-mails to a single user. In instances of a scam, we often got identical responses back even though we sent messages from different profiles. If the replies were identical, we knew right away we were dealing with a scam site that employed robots to string you along until you paid for their premium service. In some instances, the replies made no sense in the context of our e-mail. Other times, the template was the same and there were small variations.

We knew the hookup site was a scam when we got responses almost immediately after having sent out our e-mail. Apparently some of these sites pay for images of escorts or models to inflate their user base. We had one girl “wink” at us and then we ran a google search of her profile pic. She turned out to be an escort from Las Vegas.

A good hookup site let’s you test run the service before you commit, or offers you a cheap membership to look around and see if you like it. Scam sites do the same thing but employ either chatbots or employees to respond to your messages. For all you know you’re talking to a fat dude from India, which is fine if you’re into that. I was looking to hook up with cute girls from New Zealand, so obviously that wouldn’t be for me.

So what we did was compile a ratio of responses to e-mails sent, how many dates we got from there. And how many times the girls actually showed on these dates. We through in our score ratio for good measure.

Top NZ Dating Sites

After having thoroughly tested as many dating sites as we could get our hands on. We found that the best hookup sites all had these features in common.

1. Even male to female ratio
2. Girls responded to your message referring to the message (they were not automated responses)
3. You could interact on the dating site for free
4. We actually hooked up with a girl after paying full membership

This is a compiled list of the top hookup websites for New Zealanders and best dating sites for hooking up in New Zealand in order.

Hookup Dating Website Standing Ranking Sent Emails Received Replies Casual Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Casual Sex Reviews Look
#1 160 95 65 63 60 Read review Visit the website
#2 160 70 47 40 37 Read review Visit the website
#3 160 55 25 21 18 Read review Visit the website
#4 160 71 28 19 16 Read review Visit the website
#5 160 63 24 16 16 Read review Visit the website

Source:, NZ, 2018

The Worst NZ Dating Sites

We found that the worst sites also had several features in common.

1. The ratio of men to women was out of balance. The ratio of men to women is heavily weighted in either direction. A sausage fest sucks on a hookup site but also, if there’s too many impossibly gorgeous women they’re likely to be sock puppet accounts.

2. You don’t get any responses.

3. You get fake automated responses If the messages come back too quickly or read like a horoscope you know they’re generic cookie cutter templates which are used to lure you into paying for premium membership. A business will to use such an underhanded tactic is not generally a good investment

4. No one got laid.

5. Dating site was a front for an escort service. We don’t pay for sex.

Here is a list of the NZ dating sites we didn’t think were very good.

Hookup Dating Website Standing Sent Emails Received Replies Casual Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Casual Sex Reviews
160 53 15 3 1 Read review
160 48 13 4 1 Read review
160 76 35 2 0 Read review
160 55 6 0 0 Read review
160 64 6 0 0 Read review
160 70 5 0 0 Read review
160 56 0 0 0 Read review
160 62 0 0 0 Read review
160 76 0 0 0 Read review

Source:, New Zealand, 2018