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Review of: HornyMatches
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HornyMatches customers

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On 23 November 2016
Last modified:26 January 2023


Try as you might, you just won't get results on HornyMatches. The site kept glitching out on me each time I searched for women, so I gave up. I tried contacting support ›› nothing. Don't let yourself go in blind when dating online.

We have noticed during our extensive reviews of casual sex sites that there are varying degrees of success that a site can put out when it comes to actually facilitating the arrangement of one night stands between singles. There are some sites that work perfectly, others that do not do the job at all, and some in between that are simply average or mediocre in their performance. is certainly on the lower end of this spectrum.

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We spent a lot of time and energy putting several online hookup platforms through extensive reviews in order to gauge their efficiency. Over 300 websites were on our list to review, and our team spent 4 months on testing them. In reviewing we set out to answer certain questions like is real, is legit, is working, and is any good. Users have these sorts of questions in mind when deciding between the various online hookup platforms available, so we have gone through this review process in order to make the differences between websites very clear. Unfortunately for HornyMatches, the differences are indeed clear, and not in a good way. We sent out 160 e-mails to users trying to set up a date with them. Out of those 160 e-mails, we received 62 replies. That’s not the worst response rate we’ve ever received, however the sad part is that out of those 62 replies, we were not able to set up a single date with any of the women on the website. As we all know, no dates mean no one night stands at the end of the dates, which is never a good thing when you’re an online hookup platform. is not a scam-free platform

Aside from not being able to get laid at all using, we also happened to run into several users who were clearly illegitimate. HornyMatches scams are something we wanted to avoid altogether, since scam activity of any kind is never fun, but sadly this was not the case.

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We REALLY are NOT HAPPY about HornyMatches. We had a terrible time while trying this hookup dating website. You should consider to subscribe on a better hook up sites depending in which country you are from.

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Our experience with resulted in absolutely no dates and absolutely no casual sex whatsoever. We were extremely disappointed with the results we ended up with after reviewing this site, and we would certainly not recommend it to anyone. There is,,,, and plenty of other options available for finding no strings attached sex online, so we encourage you to look elsewhere.