The most common mistakes in sexual relationships and how to avoid them

dating mistakesMistakes In Sexual Relationships

While we’re all into the idea of having a no strings attached sexual relationship with a beautiful woman, many of us tend to forget that, in order to keep that sort of machine running fluidly, it takes a bit of work on our part, and theirs. Two consenting adults who met on an online hookup platform in order to engage in a casual sexual relationship together must follow a set of rules in order to keep both parties happy. Just because that set of rules is largely unwritten, does not mean that it is to be ignored. If it is, you can bet that your sexual endeavors with this woman will be short lived, and she’ll be out the door in no time. Then, it’ll be back to the virtual hallways of adult dating sites for you. Of course, you might not see this as much of a bad thing. However, during your string of sexual relationships, as you figure out how to get more women, you’re bound to run into at least one fiery gal that really took the wind out of you right from your very first online date, and you’ll want to keep her around for as long as possible.

Being Sexually Selfish

As men, our first instincts when it comes to sex is to get the business on our side done, and then roll over and fall right asleep. While this might be somewhat expected in some cases, it’s certainly not going to cut it if you’re planning on maintaining a prolonged sexual relationship with a desirable woman. In this case, you must be constantly vigilant to your woman’s desires, and make sure that you fulfill them appropriately. Because if you don’t, there are a plethora of other men who will attempt to, and your hot lady knows that. So keep her attention directed to you by always taking great care to push the appropriate buttons on her body, every single time.

Becoming Too Comfortable

It’s important to remember that a sex buddy is not a girlfriend, and you should never allow yourself to display the levels of comfort that you would to a serious girlfriend. Sexual relationships are all about being fun and experimental. If you’re in a lazy mood where you’d just like to vegetate in your armchair at home, tell her so, and rain check the date for another night. That’s part of the ruleset when it comes to sexual relationships — there are no serious obligations, so just relax. Of course, you don’t want to ditch her too many times, as that’s a surefire way to make sure her attention goes elsewhere. All of that said, just make sure that whenever you see your sexual partner, you’re in the right mood to excite her mind and body.

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While in a sexual relationship, many men make the mistake of thinking that they’re at complete liberty to lie to the woman they’re seeing. However, that’s simply not the case, at least if you’re looking for a good, prolonged sexual relationship with an amazing woman. Every time you have the impulse to lie to her, just take a chance and say the truth instead. For example, if you’re sleeping with other women on the side, don’t lie to her about it — tell her. For all you know, she’s also sleeping with other men besides you. Because it’s a sexual relationship, and she’s not your girlfriend, the stakes are much lower when the truth is an ugly thing, so you’ll be surprised at what you can get away with. However, the stakes are still just as high when you’re lying, as no one likes being lied to, regardless of whether they’re your girlfriend or not. Just be honest, and always be open to communication.

Avoiding Communication

Of course, we’re not saying that you should divulge your deepest, darkest secrets (like how all of your sexual escapades are part of a journey you’re on as you figure out how to get over your ex, or something similar), but it’s important to keep a steady line of communication throughout the duration of a sexual relationship. In particular, you need to be vocal about your intentions in this relationship, so that you can determine if yours are on par with hers. Who knows, further down the line, you might discover that one of you is starting to develop feelings outside of the purely sexual. Perhaps both of you are developing those feelings, at which point it might be a good idea to pursue a prolonged, sort of serious relationship together. In any case, keep the lines of communication open between you and your sexual partner, and you’ll find that there won’t be any room for misunderstandings between you.