The best sex positions to use in an online hookup in the UK

best sex positionsBest Sex Positions

In this day and age, dating is hard enough as it is. This is probably way so many people seek the virtual hallways of online hookup platforms to find no strings fun with women looking for sex. Although orgasms are hard to come by in the physical world, online hookup orgasms are relatively easy to come by, since adult dating sites pair two single adults who are both looking for the same thing. It’s great that so many hot, single ladies flock so frequently to virtual platforms like these. However, even after the initial chatting stages, and after the date is over and it’s time for the one night stand to begin, men find themselves questioning how they’ll go about having sex with the women they meet from these online hookup sites. With so many sexual positions and sexual techniques available out there, it’s hard to choose which is the right one to in an online hookup in the UK. After all, it’s important for us men to find the best sex positions possible in order to stimulate the erogenous zones on her body. Thankfully for anyone reading this, we have accumulated a wide array of experience when it comes to having hot, casual encounters with women that we met online. The following are, in our opinion, the best sex positions that will ensure you and your date have a wild night to remember.


This one is a tried and true classic when it comes to sex positions, and that’s because it works when it comes to having sex with most girls. In missionary, most of your body parts are pressing up against most of hers, so your chances of activating the mysterious erogenous zones of her body are greatly increased. With your faces so close together, it’s even that much easier to kiss your date as you make sweet love to her! Really, for some couples, missionary is all they ever need in order for both parties to achieve orgasm. While the other positions on this list are great in their own right, most of them need a good deal of warming up before trying them out, so missionary is the perfect place to start.


This is definitely a beloved sexual position by most men, and it’s easy to see why. Doggystyle is the only position on this list where you can feel a certain sense of privacy, while of course engaging in the ultimate act of intimacy that is sexual intercourse. Since she’s facing away from you, and you’re facing the back of her head, both you and your woman can make all the weird sexual faces that you desire without feeling as though your private orgasm expressions are exposed. Of course, the best thing about doggystyle is that it’s a position that allows for full penetration, allowing you to reach the deepest parts of your lover.

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Men are in control of sexual intercourse for the vast majority of the experience, so it’s important to give women the chance to be in control sometimes. That’s why there are positions like the classic cowgirl available to all people having sex. With cowgirl, the woman is on top, and riding you as if you were her horse. In this position, she can make all the movements that are necessary to get her off completely, and it feels great for you at the same time!

Reverse Cowgirl

Of course, when it comes to sex, it’s important to switch things up every once in a while. After you’ve exhausted all the potentials of the cowgirl position, you can simply get the girl to face the other way, and you have yourself a reverse cowgirl on your hands! This is a lot like doggystyle, except this time, the woman is in control instead of you. This makes things really exciting for her, and also for you!

The Italian Hanger

For those who are confident in their strength and stamina, the Italian hanger is the perfect sexual position to try on any girl who is willing to take the plunge. The Italian hanger consists simply of the woman lying down with her back and shoulders supported, while the man holds on to her hips and supports the rest of her body while fiercely thrusting himself into her. Italians are known for being the best at having fun when it comes to sex, so this advanced sexual position is definitely aptly named. Use caution while engaging in this and any of the other sexual positions that we mentioned, and remember to make sure that you and your lady are always having fun!