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On 23 November 2016
Last modified:26 January 2023


With a name that weird, it's got to be good, right? Wrong. The whole site needs a complete overhaul. Good luck trying to find any online adult dates active on Meetic, you'll need it.

We believe that is not the ideal platform to use when looking for casual hookups with hot single ladies in your area. We went into our review process for hoping that the site would generate positive results, but this proved to be far from the case. has performed very poorly in terms of efficiency and legitimacy. An online no strings attached sex platform really only has one job: to link two single adults online and let them form a connection for themselves that hopefully leads to casual sex. has failed in accomplishing that. View the results of our testing process below; they speak for themselves.

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Putting to the test

We set out to answer the following questions: is Meetic working, is Meetic real, is Meetic legit, and is Meetic any good. We put all 300 online hookup websites on our reviewing list to the same test that we put through. Our intention in undergoing this process was to determine which sites have the best results, from sending out the initial e-mails to the women to actually having a one night stand with them. Going by our process, we sent out 160 e-mails to users on From those initial e-mails we sent, 64 of the users replied to us. We conversed with them online and proceeded to try and set ourselves up on dates with them. We only managed to set up 6 dates out of those 64 replies, and worst of all, absolutely no women ended up meeting us for the dates. Of course, this means that we did not get laid at all by using Meetic. If our extensive process of reviewing resulted in absolutely no one night stands, this does not bode well for the casual user trying out the site.

Several Meetic scams found during our Meetic reviews

Not only did we not manage to get laid once using Meetic, but we also ran into several scamming users during our reviewing process of hookup sites. It is always infuriating for us to run into scammers even though we get them all the time as we review online hookup websites, just like it’s infuriating and annoying for anyone else to run into scammers online when they are looking for something specific, like a hot one night stand.

Meetic testimonials

We REALLY are NOT HAPPY about Meetic. We had a terrible time while trying this hookup dating website. You should consider to subscribe on a better hook up sites depending in which country you are from.

It’s best to avoid altogether

Why spend your time on when you have a much better chance of getting laid elsewhere? Our reviews have reflect very favourably on sites such as,,, and Do yourself a favour and save yourself the trouble of running into scam after scam on Meetic, only to set yourself up with dates that won’t even show up. If we spent so much time reviewing the site and received no positive results, the overwhelming chances are that most users will experience the same thing. Don’t even take the chance, just find a better online hookup platform to spend your time on.