The best way to prepare yourselves for dating cougars in Australia

dating cougars australiaDating Cougars In Australia

In the wild, cougars are fierce, unpredictable animals that can tear you apart if you don’t have your wits about you. The same certainly applies to cougars in the dating world, especially in wild, lush Australia. These women have seen and done it all, and there’s little that you can bring to the table that won’t catch them off guard. If you bore them, they’ll strike you down, and you won’t be able to get up for a long time, if ever. It’s always important for a man to bring his dating game during any first date, but it’s especially crucial to prepared for all the things that could come on a cougar date during a casual dating escapade in Ballarat. Fortunately for you, we’ve had our fair share of experience with dating cougars using online hookup websites, and we’re here to pass that knowledge onto you. Get your pens and papers out and pay sharp attention, because this is important.

Seek Cougars On Casual Dating Sites

Because finding a single cougar in the wild (re: the societal public, AKA the real world) is a rare thing, the world wide web is one of the best places to find cougars looking to meet up with men like you. Of course, this brings up the whole matter of what to say to women on casual dating sites, but the rules of textual flirting are the same rules that apply to real world flirting. Just be cool, calm, and casual. When you see an opening to ask her on a date, go for it.

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If You’re Looking To Have A Happy Ending, You’ll Need To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

There’s a stigma that gets attached to cougars. Because they have so much experience with men, we often tend to think that cougars are women who would be willing to have casual sex with us without much effort on our parts. While it’s true that some of these women have been desensitized to sex as a “big deal”, that in no way means that every cougar is relatively easy to bed. It could mean the opposite, actually; because cougars have been through it all, and have seen and done it all, it would take a really surprising and impressive dating performance to convince them that getting into bed with you would be a great idea.

Don’t Try To Act Like Someone You’re Not

Dating cougars can be an intimidating venture — trust us, we know. But the first mistake men tend to make is buffing up their self image with artificial attributes that come off as just false and weird to the cougar they’re facing. Because these men are often younger than the cougars in question, they feel the need to make themselves seem like wise, travelled, educated mean, when they’re really anything but that. Instead of acting their age, they try to act 10 or 15 years older. We’ll let you in on a little secret: these women are actually 10 or 5 years older than you, which means they have 10 or 15 additional years’ experience in sniffing out obvious falsehoods. Just like the feline cougar in the wild is very adept at smelling the weakness of her prey from afar, a hot, sexy cougar will smell the horse manure on your demeanor from a mile away. Be calm, be cool, be casual, but most importantly, be yourself.

When The Time Is Right, Go For The Hail Mary

It’s hard to judge exactly how a date with a cougar went. They are of a mysterious ilk, after all. Even though, on the surface, a cougar had behaved quietly, perhaps even ridiculing you at certain points, she may very well have had a good time in her mind, and is waiting on you to make a final move at the end of the night to seal the deal. Being mere mortal men, it’s almost impossible for us to ascertain exactly what’s inside a cougar’s mind. All we can do is go for gold, and hope for the best. At the end of the night, try inviting her up for a coffee at your place. If she refuses, you’ll still go home alive (most likely), and there will be more cougars out there for you to try again with. However, if she says yes, you’re in for the wildest sort of night — a night with an untamed, ferocious cougar. That sort of event is a whole other story for a whole other guide. All we can do is wish you godspeed, soldier.