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On 23 November 2016
Last modified:26 January 2023


Yet another online online discreet site that's well past its prime. - The lack of women around is bad enough.

In our opinion, does not deliver on its name’s promise to form matches between singles online. We have reviewed 300 online hookup websites designed to generate casual sex encounters from the web, and we spent a lot of effort over a period of four months in doing so. We went through this process in order to compare the efficiency between the sites and differentiate the bogus platforms from the working ones. Unfortunately, based on our MatchMaker reviews, seems to be a conclusively bogus online hookup platform.

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Putting to the test

We held no bias in testing the websites on our list. Each and every platform was put to the same test, and we sought to answer the same questions with each of them. In this case, we intended to answer questions such as is real, is legit, is working, and is any good. These are questions that everyone who ventures to try a new platform asks themselves, and rightfully so, considering the myriad of unsatisfactory options out there. Unfortunate though it may be, our results show that is one of those unsatisfactory options. Going by our standard reviewing procedure, we sent out 160 e-mails to various MatchMaker users. Out of those 160 e-mails, we received 76 replies, which we didn’t think to be a bad result at first. However, things grew progressively less promising; out of those 76 replies, we did not manage to arrange a date with any of the women, therefore we did not manage to get laid at all using MatchMaker, which is quite unfortunate.

We found several MatchMaker scams on this platform

Since we have covered so many websites in our quest to categorize online hookup platforms in terms of efficiency, we learned to brace ourselves for the inevitable scam user popping up. No matter how hard we braced ourselves, it’s always quite disappointing when we actually encounter these scammers. Disappointment was plentiful in our experience with MatchMaker, since we ran into several users on the website who were clearly scammers. We definitely took some points off when we learned that multiple users on the site were completely illegitimate.

MatchMaker testimonials

We REALLY are NOT HAPPY about MatchMaker. We had a terrible time while trying this hookup dating website. You should consider to subscribe on a better hook up sites depending in which country you are from. is not worth the trouble

There are several other websites that work much better than (websites like,,, and, so we encourage you not to waste time with this platform. Time is a valuable thing, and if you’re wanting to set up some hot, no strings attached sex online, then that’s the investment you should receive for your time.