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On 23 November 2016
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This Australian personal sex ads dating website delivers exactly what you want and more!

Although it is perhaps not the greatest dating site available in the vast internet, is in our opinion a totally valid and effective dating site for hooking up with women. Our top-notch team of 6 totally normal dudes came together to test out 300 dating sites over the course of 4 months. It was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it, and boy, are we glad that we did it. From the literal hundreds of sites we researched, reviews by us as one of the top competitors in the dating site realm. This is not a joke. We actually did this, and spent many hours sifting through profiles of all types of women, sending messages to interesting profiles, and attempting to set up dates, all in the name of finding the best sites for real hook ups. We wanted to find out if there were any GetItOn scams. Each one of us had been scammed in the past, and to be honest, it pissed us off to think that it was probably happening to other guys as well. We decided to come together, and once and for all determine “Is GetItOn Real?” From all of our research, we came to the realization that was definitely a site worth mentioning and sharing with our fellow brothers in the quest for online sexual encounters.

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Why Does Rank as One of the Top Sites?

GetItOn ended up as one of our favourite dating sites for the simple reason that it worked, and it worked better than many of the other sites that we tested. Dating sites are not all of the same calibre, and GetItOn proved itself as an outstanding site within our test group. Not only were the features hosted on the site user friendly, but the community was also evidently active. We had no problem navigating the site, creating a killer profile, and using it to meet with the vast quantity of women that were also seeking sex. The competition was weak, and we were able to quickly distinguish ourselves as desirable profiles for all of the ladies on the site, which lead to quite a few successful nights during our 4 month study. We were also unable to find any GetItOn scams, which is reassuring in the online dating game. One of the guys from our team is still using like it was his lucky charm.

Our approach to reviewing dating sites was a little bit different from many other typical reviews. We decided to track our research using analytics in order to help us come to an informed decision when comparing the value of one dating site to another.

Here is a quick break down of our methodology and its results:

GetItOn Step 1

We sent out a standard amount of 160 messages on each site that we tested. We used different strategies and pick up techniques, but the amount remained constant for each site.

GetItOn Step 2

We then tracked our responses and reply rate. On we recieved 59 responses from our 160 initial messages.

GetItOn Step 3

For each response, we attempted to establish a date with the potential match. Out of our 59 responses, we were able to set up 35 real dates.

GetItOn Step 4

Sometimes our dates didn’t work out, so we only tracked dates that happened in real life. Out of our 35 potential dates, we actually had 27 dates in person.

GetItOn Step 5

This is the golden number that we were after. Out of the 27 dates, 24 of those dates resulted in one of us successfully getting laid. If you are asking ‘Is GetItOn Working?’, we think that an 89% success rate speaks for itself.

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We recommend you to use GetItOn in Australia. It ranks #4 as the BEST dating sites for having sex. Visit right now!

Is GetItOn Any Good for Getting Laid?

When we started our research, we asked “Is GetItOn Legit?” Every dating site is constructed of the same principles: profiles, searching, and matching. However , we wanted to find out what makes them different, and how the special features give you an advantage when you are searching in the huge pool of potential matches. Below are a few of the features that we felt made one of the better sites that we tested. is Affordable

As with the absolute majority of dating sites, they are infinitely more effective when used through a paid membership. Paid memberships always give you an edge in the online dating game, and GetItOn is no different. However, what is different about is their relatively low pricing for membership plans. It becomes particularly cheap when you sign up for a longer subscription. Our recommendation would be to sign-up for one month plan, and if you like it, then to take advantage of the 1 year membership, which includes an additional 6 months for free.

Live Webcams Provide Great Views on GetItOn

One fantastic feature on is the option to chat with women on live webcams. This makes it so much easier to connect with girls who actually have an interest in meeting, and greatly increases your chance of having a date that goes all the way. We found it best to initiate live webcam chats with girls after they had responded to one of our messages. This was a great way to chat them up and build up to a real date. It was also a perfect way to check them out before meeting.

GetItOn Has a Super Effective Search Engine

Another component of that we loved was the highly efficient search engine. This made it really easy to find girls that were not only located near us and within our desired age range, but we could also find women that met our tastes. This goes a long way in the online dating game as it is so much sweeter to seduce a girl that you are attracted to, and it is way easier to talk to them if you have interests in common. The search engine on was one of our top tools for honing in on girls that were the most likely to meet for a real sexual encounter.