5 great spots to take a date in New Zealand

new zealand dating placesDate Spots In New Zealand

After going through the whole process of the online dating experience — from choosing which online hookup site is right for you, to finding the woman that you’re interested in pursuing, and chatting her up — you finally found a girl to say yes to your request of accompanying her on a date! Congratulations! So now, the hard work in adult dating sites is finally over, and all that you have to think about is enjoying yourself on your hot date with your lucky gal. Of course, for any man, there comes the question of finding great spots to take your woman on a date, and how to impress her on a date. Living in New Zealand, all bachelors are lucky enough to have the option of engaging in a plethora of activities on a first date. For every type of man and woman, whether they’re in a casual sex relationship, or are going on a date to see if they can have a long-term, meaningful relationship, there are plenty of spots to take a date in New Zealand. Since we have garnered some extensive experience when it comes to online dating, we are happy to offer you our opinions on the matter. So get your best casual attire on, grab a stick of gum, and get ready for your date night.

Go Bowling

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun night of bowling? Nobody, that’s who. Bowling is fun for all, for people of any age and background. It’s especially a useful activity to engage on when you’re looking to have a good time during a first date. Bowling, while certainly a competitive sport, makes for a fun, relaxing environment, where you can get to know your date as a person before engaging in your hanky panky adult time. Make sure that you bowl your absolute best, to show her that you’re truly the man. Of course, that being said, if she totally out-bowls you, there’s no need to feel emasculated at all, as she probably knows that there are plenty of other things that you’re good at.

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Go To A Museum

Ok, maybe bowling’s not for you. Maybe you’re more of the cultured, artistic type, and maybe she is as well. Whether the answer is yes or no for either of you, museums are an absolutely fantastic setting for a first date. Not only are they usually pretty to look at, but they’re quiet as well, which makes it easy to talk to your date. Aside from that, if ever the conversation slows down at all, you can always redirect your talking points to the art that hangs on the wall. You might learn something new, and so might your lovely lady.

Go To A Cafe

New Zealand has a lot of cafes to choose from. Maybe your girl would enjoy a frappucino, and maybe you can get yourself a double espresso. Of course, you’re not only there for the coffee — you’re there to learn about the woman you’re meeting up with, and a cafe is one of the best places to do that. Relax, enjoy your beverage, and get to know your woman in a lovely cafe setting. Of course, if you’re after a more spontaneous type of drink for the night, there’s always the other alternative….

Go To A Bar

While a cafe is a fun, quaint place to bring a date, a bar is definitely a spicier alternative. As adults, we love to have a drink, and there’s no other setting that a couple drinks come in handy more than on a first date. A couple beers, glasses of wine, cocktails, or maybe even a few shots will do wonders in loosening your tongue and he tongue of the fair lady who’s accompanying you for the night. Of course, it’s important not to overdo it, as there’s nothing less romantic than stumbling over your stool and falling on the floor as you move in for the kiss. Just use some moderation, be a stable human being, and have the amount of drinks that will make sure you and your date have a fun night, and don’t drink any more than that.

Take Her To Your Place

Since you did meet your woman on an online hookup site, you both know what the deal is — you two are meeting up to have sex, and any activities taking place before that are only a set of niceties that ease you both into your sheets at the end of the night. If it’s cool with both parties, you can start — and end — the night at your place, with a nice bottle of wine (or two, there’s nothing that can sexually arouse your woman like a bit of charm, wit, and a lot of wine) and maybe a good film. Of course, if you have your way, you won’t be paying rapt attention to the film for the entire night. Have her over at your place, and just see where the night takes you.