4 First date hot spots in Toowomba

good first dateFirst Date Hot Spots

After perusing through the vast selection of booty call dating sites, you’ve finally found the right woman to go on a first date with. Now the only question is, what on earth will you and your lady do on this magical date together. Well, lucky for you, there’s no shortage of things to do in lovely Toowoomba, Australia. With your textual conversations that you’ve had with your date in mind, figure out what kind of event she would really enjoy. There are a bevy of first date hot spots in the Toowoomba dating scene for you to choose from. Put on your best casual wear in your wardrobe, and get ready for an amazing night to remember.

Queens Park

There’s no first date quite as relaxing and enjoyable as one spent in a park on a lovely day. Toowoomba has Queens Park available to first daters of all creeds and backgrounds, and it is a scenery replete with a lovely atmosphere and a myriad of casual activity. Whether you’re heading to the park as a first stop in your elaborate date scheme, or if this is the only spot on your list for the day, Queens Park is a great place to take a first date. Walk through the park path, take in the lovely Australian flora along the way. Perhaps it’s a good idea to sit on a bench for a while and feed the hungry Australian birds. If your girl would enjoy something like that, then we highly suggest taking her here. At Queens Park, she’ll feel just like a Queen, taking a relaxing walk through the park.

Japanese Garden

For a similar aesthetic but different scenery, Toowoomba’s Japanese Garden might be worth a visit. While Queens Park provides a typical Australian scenario (which we all know, welcome, and love), the Japanese Gardens is an alternative take if what you’re after is a relaxing first date in the park. Absorb all the greenery and natural aesthetics of the orient right in your little town of Toowoomba. If neither you nor your date have ever been here, the Japanese Garden is certainly worth a visit, as you will feel as though you’re hundreds of miles away from home, which can certainly be a welcoming feeling. Your date will definitely be impressed by how exotic you are, even if you might not be exotic in the slightest.

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Kloud 9ine Trampoline Park

If you and your woman are not into the whole natural, relaxing scene, Kloud 9ine Trampoline Park would be a different, more vibrant alternative. Here you and your date can feel like kids again as you bounce up and down on the trampolines. Of course, it would be a relatively more adult time, as you’ll probably be focused on her bouncing body parts more than you would be on the actual act of bouncing itself. And, of course, since you met this woman on a booty call dating site, you’ll be thinking about the hot one night stand that the date is leading to. Still, even though the date will be ending in strictly adult business, it’s a good idea to have some good, wholesome fun along the way to balance things out.

Bars And Clubs

Whether you start your day at a bar or club, or somehow find your way there along your date, having drinks with your girl is definitely a good way to open up conversation, loosen the tongue, and get to know her a little better. Toowoomba has several bars and clubs to choose from. If it’s a bar you’re after, choose a nice one without too much loud music playing, and pick a booth or table far away from the main action. That way, you can engage in conversation without having to scream across the table, and you won’t risk being bothered by any of the drunks at the bar. If you and your lady are dancers looking for a more vibrant aesthetic, then put on your best dancing shoes and head for the clubs! Dancing is the non-sexual foreplay that comes before intercourse, after all. Show her your best moves, and be attentive to hers. Of course, having some drinks pour in through the night definitely won’t hurt matters, and they might loosen your limbs so that you show her all the dancing skills in your vast repertoire. At the end of the night, when you’re both all danced out, and you’ve had your fair share of liquor, it’s time to call a cab over and get ready for your one night stand. Your mission was a successful dating night in Toowoomba, and you can now call that mission accomplished.