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On 23 November 2016
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Touted as the “world’s largest casual dating network,” offers users a way to connect with women around the world that are looking to share the same unique sexual experiences and kinky fantasies as you. With video sharing, messaging and video chat features, BookOfSex is filled to the brim with features, one of the most notable being the ability to get sex tips from the team behind the site. Being a site that claims to focus on everything from steamy one-time encounters to casual sex dating, we were a bit skeptical at its effectiveness – could we actually connect with women and get laid on a site that targets these two different demographics?

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Is BookOfSex Legit?

The first thing we noticed about BookOfSex was it’s comfortable, user-friendly interface and a design that is very easy on the eyes. A semi-pornographic image with a man placing his hand on his sex partner’s breast takes up the background and makes it no mystery what this site is about – sexual encounters. Unlike some other websites that are full of contradictions on their front page, BookOfSex is up-front and even though the service is used by both those looking for continuous and one-time sexual fun, it successfully appeals to both groups.

Browsing Women on BookOfSex

On, women are categorized based on factors such as location and interests, making it very easy to find people near you that share your sexual desires and fantasies. Connecting with someone looking for sex was obviously our priority when using this website, but we were also very pleased at the quality and variety of women on the site. These are real, attractive women that want to let loose and experience sexual release just as much as the average male. In our time on the site we never experienced any fake profiles or bots, which made the experience very smooth and accommodating.

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Notable Features


The ability to upload, share and view videos on BookOfSex gives the site an intimate feel, allowing you to get a glimpse into the sexy, seductive fantasies of single women in your area looking for fun. In our personal experience, one of the biggest pitfalls of casual sex sites – and any dating site for that matter – is the fact that it’s hard to get a feel for the wants and desires of other people using the service. Creating a flashy personal profile is great and all, but we feel that using BookOfSex’s video features is a much needed option that can really push things into more intimate territory in a faster amount of time than other competing sites.

Sex Advice

If you’re a newcomer to the casual sex/dating scene, BookOfSex is a great place to start. Any questions or concerns regarding sex will be heard and answered by their helpful, open-minded staff. When we think back to our first experiences using casual dating sites, there’s no doubt in our minds that some advice and guidance would have gone a long way and gotten us more out of the process. If you ever find yourself a bit flustered or unsure of how to approach any problem or roadblock within the casual sex scene, all you need to do is send your concerns to the BookOfSex team and they’ll give you some handy advice that will hopefully ensure that at the end of the day, you won’t be using your hand!

Technical Support offers comprehensive technical support and will answer any problems that you might have with the site in a very friendly manner, with the ability to cater to over 10 different languages. In our experience, most casual sex sites don’t place too much focus on the technical site of things, with basic search engines and flimsy customer support being commonplace. The fact that BookOfSex invests effort into this area really speaks volumes about the value that they place on their service and the people like us that use it.

Is BookOfSex Real?

Any doubts about the authenticity of BookOfSex will wash away after familiarizing yourself with the website. No fake profiles, no sleazy advertising – this is the real deal. It’s clear that the people behind this service make it their priority to give singles and swingers a fast, fun and easy way to connect with people that are like-minded inside and outside of the bedroom to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Is BookOfSex Working?

With a bit of searching you shouldn’t have a problem finding BookOfSex reviews. From what we’ve seen, almost all of them are positive and in our four months using we can see why. We were able to set up 47 dates using their unique services, 40 of which actually happened. Of those 40, 37 lead to sex. Those are some pretty good numbers that should be enough incentive to throw down your money for the gold membership.

BookOfSex Scams

Not once did we encounter any scammers or fake profiles on You can freely and confidently message and connect with as many gorgeous women that you want without the fear of being taken advantage of and having your time wasted.


Although you don’t need to pay to use, paid memberships are very reasonably priced and give you access to all of the features that the site has to offer. For those itching to dive head first into the world of casual sex and really experience everything that it has to offer, throwing down the cash for one of the premium membership options is your best bet.

Hopefully this article has been helpful and informative for anyone asking themselves “is BookOfSex any good?” Casual sex sites are a dime a dozen and weeding out the quality ones from the bad ones can a difficult task. Using a site like can be the difference between satisfying your sexual desires in one day and one month. We highly recommend using this service and taking full advantage of their video and sex advice features to keep your drive and skills evolving.