The 8 best date ideas for a casual encounter in the UK

british hookup sitesCasual Encounter In England

Living in lovely England, the world is your oyster when it comes to finding hot singles looking to hookup. If you’re navigating through the virtual networks, it’s even easier to find intimate encounters with sexy ladies of all types and sorts. Once you’ve navigated through the casual dating site reviews to find the online hookup that is right for you, and you’ve finally had a good chat with a lovely British lady, you might find yourself well on your way to having a casual encounter in England. The only question remains, what will you and your lovely lady do on your first date? Finding casual partners using online hookup platforms is one thing, but it’s important to have the right environment set up for when you meet them in person. Luckily for you, we have a varied assortment of first date ideas suitable for all types of personalities. Read on, and fight out which option is best for you.

Go To The Beach

Everyone loves the beach, and it’s a great place to bring a woman on a first date. Even in the colder months, when the sky is gray and the air is frisky, a beach is a lovely, novel place to get to know someone. Just get yourself a big beach towel, grab a bottle of wine, and you’ll find some wholesome enjoyment in getting to know the lovely lady you met online.

Go To The Carnival

The carnival is a dynamic environment, with a wide variety of potential activities to fill a first date. Win her a huge stuffed animal, buy her a mountainous stick of cotton candy, and she’ll be yours for the whole night.

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Go Bowling

Are your bowling skills up to par? If they are, you’ll wow her with the impressive numbers you put on the scoreboard. If they aren’t, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will strike out. On the contrary, it might lead to a few good laughs, which will bring you and the object of your affection closer together. Remember, if she out bowls you, just shrug it off and take the loss like a man!

Feed The Ducks

Just because the senior citizens are doing it at the park, does not mean that feeding the ducks is a boring thing to do. It’s actually quite a fun and serene activity. Find a nice park bench, get yourself a good loaf of bread, and through some scraps into the pond as you get to know the person sitting next to you.

Go-Kart Racing

Here’s your chance to show off your need for speed. Ignore the fact that the maximum speed of a go-kart isn’t very fast at all — all that matters is that you impress her with your seamless driving skills! Lap her around the circuit a couple times to show her who holds the wheel in your relationship. If she’s the one overlapping you, just find solace in the fact that you tried your best!

Go To The Museum

There’s a little art lover in all of us, so it does us well to visit the museum now and then. The interesting pieces on display will provide great talking points for you and your date, and you can freely express your artistic opinions to one another. Let the little Picasso within you shine, and be open to discover the little Da Vinci in your date!

Go Horseback Riding

There’s no shortage of horseback riding services in England, and you should be taking full advantage of that. There’s nothing quite like riding on the back of a brilliant beast on a light, breezy day. Instead of opting for two horses, try getting her to ride on the back of your horse. That way she’ll be holding on to you for support, and the touch barrier will be effectively broken!

Go To The Pub

The pub is always there as an option for a first date. You can start the night at a pub, or end the date there. A few drinks help get the laughs rolling, and they can do wonders in breaking the ice between you and your first date. Drink responsibly, and make sure she does too. While a few drinks can help you be more social, too many drinks will have you rolling on the floor, and that’s not a very social position to be in at all. Find the line of moderation, and ride it throughout the night. After the pub, it’s time for you to make your move, and see where the night goes!