Casual Sex Dating: Strategies for Success

uk casual sexOur Belfast, UK experts explore casual sex dating strategies for those looking to have some light, fulfilling fun

Serious relationships are beneficial in their own right, but sometimes keeping things casual is the best option. There’s plenty of fun to be had outside of serious relationships and when done right, you can experience an equal amount of pleasure. For those looking for some casual fun and one night stands, our team can help you find the best casual sex dating strategy in order to maintain fun relationships with women without letting them spiral too close into serious relationship territory.

Know How to Make Plans

If you want a casual friend with benefits, you need to make your plans carefully to ensure that you don’t end up in a serious relationship. Always make simple plans and keep things casual – focus on places that are fun and loud as opposed to intimate settings that are more on the quiet side.

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Choose Locations Carefully

When meeting with a woman for the first time, make sure to choose your location carefully. Romantic walks on the beach or a fancy dinner are definitely not the best way to give her the impression that you just want something casual. A walk through the city or a drink at the local bar or coffee shop are much better ideas and will ensure that you give your date the impression that you aren’t looking for anything too serious.

Avoid Serious Conversation

In order to maintain casual friends with benefits and get the one night stands that you want, you need to avoid heading into the direction of serious conversation. Avoid any questions regarding her exes, her future plans and any sort of conversation that requires either of you to open up to each other and share your feelings. Heading down these paths can easily turn casual emotions and situations into serious ones.

Avoid Patterns

Getting caught up into routine is one of the biggest signs that you’re heading towards relationship territory. When you start meeting at the same places, doing the sames activities and calling each other at the same times, you should put on the brakes and reevaluate your dating strategy to make sure that it’s keeping things casual. Call at random times and keep things spontaneous to ensure that this happens.

Focus on Light Conversation

Try to minimize conversations regarding religion and politics, as these can bring out passionate beliefs in each person. Although sometimes this can lead to conflict, the other end of the spectrum is bonding, which is the opposite of what you want if you’re looking for casual friends with benefits. Keep conversation light and playful and you’ll have a much easier time maintaining a fun and casual arrangement.

Maintain Your Space

Don’t always say yes to plans that she suggests – take some time to yourself and let her know that you need a few days to yourself every now and then. Asserting yourself and maintaining an appropriate amount of space will keep things casual and make sure that things don’t get too close and personal.

Avoid Friends

Bringing your friends or her friends into the picture is a surefire way to let her know that things are getting serious. Hanging out with her every now and then in a casual manner and taking advantage of some hot sex afterwards is great and all, but meeting her friends and introducing your friends to her is one step closer to the two of your lives merging into one and becoming something serious.

Establish Boundaries

It’s easy to get into the habit of having a few and sending off some dirty text messages to all of your casual sex partners, but at the end of the day this can get sloppy and ruin things for the both of you. Communicate with the women that you’re seeing and make sure that both of you understand what each other thinks is appropriate and inappropriate behavior within your arrangement.

Using the tips listed above, we’re sure that you’ll find a great casual sex dating strategy that can help you have some light fun with numerous women while avoiding falling into the trap of becoming tied down. Relationships are perfectly fine, but you really have to be at the right point of your life and in the right state of mind. Until this happens, take advantage of as many one night stands and casual sex experiences as you can so that when the right one does come along, you’ll have had your fun.