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You have to check this Kiwi discreet dating site out! HookupCloud.com is really recommended

HookupCloud.com is another hookup option in the pool of dating sites that claim to offer a quick, easy way to get laid with sexy singles from your area. With thousands of members in each city and numerous positive testimonials, the site looks to be a promising way to connect with many different kinds of women that want to satisfy their lust. In this article, we’ll be looking at the effectiveness of this website and give you the lowdown on whether it’s worth the effort.

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HookupCloud Reviews

HookupCloud reviews advertised on the website offer lots of positive feedback – but don’t they all? Sifting through the dating websites available to you can be made even more complicated by the fact that they all claim to be the magical key to getting laid as soon as possible. So is HookupCloud working for people, or is it just another scam?

Is HookupCloud Legit?

Hitting the local bar or club in search of singles ready for action might seem like an easier way to mingle, but with a website that offers thousands of individuals to choose from – all looking for the same thing – you might want to change your Friday night routine. HookupCloud boasts the opportunity to get laid as early as tonight – a tall order for any hookup website. However, after using the service for four months, I can safely say that HookupCloud is the most effective way to get in touch with local singles and get laid.

HookupCloud testimonials

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Is HookupCloud Real?

One of the biggest benefits about HookupCloud is the fact that everyone is on the same page – for the most part, you don’t have to worry about someone who’s going to lead you on or try to get anything more than a quick fix out of you. These aren’t people looking for long-term commitments or marriage – these are single people like us looking to have a night of fun with no strings attached. Forget about going out to the club and being led on by people who just want to inflate their ego with your attention – invest in something that is going to connect you with like-minded people.

Is HookupCloud Working?

Over the course of four months, we were able to set up 65 dates, all of which followed through to actual dates every time except for two instances. Out of these dates, 60 led to sex. Do the math – this is pretty much the equivalent of getting laid every other day for the course of four months. As a single person, you can’t really ask for better numbers than this when compared to the success rate of other dating sites that are filled with bots and fake profiles created with the sole intention of luring people in.


HookupCloud.com’s member activity feed is a great way to get a quick look at the latest photos, video uploads and profile updates by users on the site. You can also see when other women have looked at your profile, as well as anyone who requests to meet up with you, all of which make the process of finding sexy, like-minded ready to hop into a sexual encounter as painless as possible. Unless you’re looking for a painful encounter – no judgment on this end!


You can make your profile as detailed and wordy as you want and have the option of uploading photos and videos of your choosing. Videos are a great way to increase your chances of making an intimate connection with someone and really expressing your sexual desires. Likewise, viewing other members’ videos will give you a glimpse into their fantasies and help you pick out the ones that really catch your eye.

Is HookupCloud Any Good?

If you’re still on the fence about using a hookup site, just think about the positivity and excitement that can come from spicing up your life a bit with some sexual adventure. Going out to find people interested in sexual fun may seem like a lot of effort, but with a site like HookupCloud.com, getting laid can be as simple as sending out a few emails to individuals that are on the same page as you. With more members than any other casual dating site currently available and plenty of attractive people that want to let off some steam, you can be sure that you’ll get some fun out of using it.

HookupCloud Scams

After four months on the site, we can safely say that HookupCloud is scam-free. The focus of the site remains on helping people connect with and hookup with other people with the same dirty thoughts as you – no bullshit, no fake profiles, no scammers. In the one instance where we encountered a profile that was obviously fake, we reported it to staff and it was promptly removed within the next hour. To top it off, the team sent us a message to let me know that the profile was removed and thank me for my efforts. Customer service is clearly a big priority for this website – next to steamy, casual sex of course!


HookupCloud offers numerous payment options, all of which are very reasonable and much cheaper than the typical amount of money that you would spend at a bar or on your average date. If you can get used to the quirks of using websites to connect with women for sexual encounters, you will save both time and money and hit the road to a steamy, satisfying sex life that can really lighten the load that comes with the stresses of everyday life.

For those asking themselves “is HookupCloud working” or “is HookupCloud real,” I can guarantee you that the service is working many people. Given our dating success and the enjoyment that we had over just four months, it’s difficult to see any of us going back to the bar scene anytime soon. Why invest so much time and money into something when you can get laid and fire up your sex life to its fullest in a simpler, more effective way?