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On 23 November 2016
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Advertising itself as a website for “fling dating and fuckbook hookups,” wastes no time making sure that you know exactly what they’re all about. With over 40 million members and access to local swingers, singles and lonely housewives, SexFinder seems like it would be a great way to get some action and spice up your sex life. Whether it’s a booty call or a swingers party, SexFinder offers great flexibility when it comes to adjusting your search criteria and seems like a dream for those in the world of singledom. In our opinion, it’s a great service that definitely lives up to most of its claims.

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Attractive women are aplenty on SexFinder, and there’s a fairly wide variety in terms of age, location, height and weight to browse through. Of course attractiveness can only go so far – with a casual sex website, you really want to find people who are not only attractive but up for some casual fun. Does SexFinder deliver?

Is SexFinder Legit?

For those looking for some quick sexual play, is a great and convenient way to hook up with people. Although it might not be the best sex site on the web as it claims to be, our time with the service gave us what we believe to be enough benefit for the work that we put in. Over the course of four months, we were able to connect with 24 people and set up dates with them. Although just 16 of these dates actually happened, all of these dates led to sex, highlighting the fact that many of the women on this site are just as eager to get laid as you are.

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We recommend you to use SexFinder in New Zealand. It ranks #5 as the BEST dating sites for having sex. Visit right now!

Is SexFinder Real?

SexFinder is a great site for getting those casual hookups to fulfill your needs and definitely the real deal. A bit of surfing through the site will present you with many attractive women – the best part is when you meet up with these women, they are very eager to get some sexual relief. From our experience, too many women on other websites are simply not committed to actually meeting and spicing up their sex life, which makes SexFinder a breath of fresh air in the sea of competition.

Is SexFinder Working?

Given the stats above, we can confidently say that SexFinder is working. With other websites that offer zero rewards even for paid memberships, there’s no reason to invest your time in such services – they’re not going to give you the sexual spice that you need to give your life more excitement. Take a quick glance at the SexFinder homepage and you’ll notice that the team advertises everything from threesomes to group fun. With such high expectations set right off the bat, SexBook sets the bar high for itself, but in the end it lived up to the expectations that we had for a casual sex website.

SexFinder Scams definitely isn’t a scam website – all of the conversations and interactions that we had using the service were with real women and we didn’t come across any fake profies or users fishing for personal information. These kinds of scams are commonplace when using casual sex services and the fact that SexFinder can distance itself from them shows the team’s commitment to providing guys like us with what we need.

Profile Creation

Much like any other casual sex website, getting noticed on SexFinder requires you to put some effort into your profile. Putting your best pictures to show off your physique and appearance is a no-brainer. On top of that, SexFinder has a purity test that allows you to determine how open you are in terms of sexual experiences. At the end of the test, you receive a rating from 1 to 100, with 100 being the most pure and 1 being the least pure. It really is a great feature that helps you find the kinksters (or those looking purely for vanilla) that match your interests, and the fact that this website actually works makes this an amazing feature for anyone interested in meeting up for some steamy action.

SexFinder Reviews

Doing a bit of research online led us to some pretty positive reviews of SexFinder and from our experiences, we can confidently back them up. Our success with the site definitely fits with the glowing feedback and makes its very easy for us to recommend going above and beyond the basic membership to really dig your teeth into what this service has to offer.

Chat features a model chat that allows you to flirt and talk naughty with the girls on the site before meeting them. Additionally, you there is also a live model feature that lets you chat with some sexy models. Using these features is a great way to connect with other women on the site and really get a chance to show each other your fantasies and desires. At the end of the day, sexual encounters are really more fun when you’ve had a chance to do some flirting and see what the other person has to offer.

Paid Membership

For those of you considering purchasing a paid membership to SexFinder, we suggest that you dive right in. Our experience with SexFinder has been very favorable and jumping into a premium account will give you an advantage over basic users right off the bat. We recommend that you take advantage of the aforementioned model chat feature and start showing the women that you match with what you’re all about.

Is SexFinder Any Good?

At the end of the day, is a very good website for casual sex. Keeping things casual typically means that you want to put in minimal effort while still getting what you want – fun, no strings attached sexual encounters. With the amount of effort required to get action using SexFinder, you definitely get your money’s worth and will have no problem finding women that are on the same page as you sexually.