Leading Adult Dating Sites For Australian Singles

Australian hookup site reviews

Australia has a number of real hookup sites to get laid that work. Others are either very new and have a small user base, and others are there simply to bilk you for money or act as outlets to porn sites, cam girls, or call girl services. We wanted to know which were the best hook up sites and by that we mean the best sites for actually getting laid.

We had been through the process ourselves and a great hook up site is a thing of beauty. You get to meet gorgeous women, flirt, make out, meet people, share experiences. They’re awesome. That’s why deceptive practices abound within them. There are people out there who will prey on your desire to intimacy and it works because almost everyone on earth wants intimacy.

It’s so demoralizing to get excited over a prospective girl who seems interested in you only to find out later she was trying to sell you an online strip show or get you to pay her for the pleasure. Guys want real intimacy with real women.

So, our dating site reviewers tested over 300 sites targeted to individual regions. We found only a few of them met with our standards. Others were indeed fronts for cam girls and porn hubs. Some were even worse than that, acting as phishing scams. Then you end up finding a cow you bought in Malaysia on your credit statement. So we created a guide to help you find the best hookup websites for Aussies and sift the scams from the real sites to get laid that work.

Which hookup websites for Aussies did we test?

Some of the sites we tested were:


How did we test the hookup sites for Aussies?

Basically, we sent out over 160 e-mails to various members in a specific area. We tallied the number of responses, and made sure the replies we got were legit and unique. For instance, if two or more of our members sent a message to a single user on the hookup site and got identical replies, we knew it was an automatic response and we were talking to an algorithm.

We then collected the number of responses we got tallying them against the number of dates we set up and the number dates we actually went on where the girl showed up and from there how many times we got laid.

It’s not an exact science, but obviously, the more times we got laid, the better we thought the dating site was.

Top Australian Hook-up Sites

We tested as many hookup sites as we could find which catered to Australian singles and we found that the best sites had the following characteristics:

1. There was a decent ratio of men to women.
2. The hookups on the dating site were bona fide hookups, not drones.
3. You were allowed to contact other users without paying first, at least once.
4. We actually hooked up with someone on the dating site.

Then we ranked them in order of quality with special attention paid to how many times we hooked up and how many legit dates we went on.

Hookup Dating Website Standing Ranking Sent Emails Received Replies Casual Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Casual Sex Reviews Look
#1 160 96 64 63 59 Read review Visit the website
#2 160 89 49 42 38 Read review Visit the website
#3 160 62 34 28 24 Read review Visit the website
#4 160 59 35 27 24 Read review Visit the website

Source: Dating-Crew.com, Australia, 2018

The Worst Australian Hookup Sites

We found that the worst hookup sites also had several features in common.

1. Too many dudes not enough ladies . The dating site did not have any women on it. Good hookup sites will offer free membership for ladies to recruit a strong user base. Bad hookup sites will simply load up the database with fake profiles of whichever model they can find on google. In order to weed these ones out we ran image searches to find out which profile pics linked to random escort services and/or porno sites.

2. Zero replies . A fraudulent hookup site will load the user base with fake accounts to make it look like there are tons of beautiful singles in your area when there are literally no women on the site at all. But once they got your money they don’t have to do anything at all. The just let the site sit there and as long as they string in enough dupes to pay for the premium membership once, it covers their cost for domain name, they’re turning a profit. They only need a couple a year and they have access to everyone on the internet in order to do it. Sites like those are one of the reasons we began this project in the first place.

3. Automated replies Sometimes we got messages back that were like “Hey How you doin (lol). You lookin for some sex? Me too.” Anyway. Obviously fake. Again, sites like this only have to convince you to pay for the membership once. When they get outed the simply change the name of the site and start all over again. Fraud is a lucrative industry. Don’t be fooled.

4. None of us hooked up with anyone. For whatever reason, we couldn’t score using this site which is the whole point of forking over our money in the first place. That’s why we focused our ranking system on actually scoring dates with actual women. We wanted to interact with actual females, not sex bots.

5. Hooker Hubs . The site to get laid was basically a front for escorts. This happens because prostitution is illegal in so many parts of the world. We’re not saying it’s bad or anything. But if that’s what we wanted then that’s what we would have paid for. We wanted to meet girls and relate to actual human beings, not paid actors, which is basically what escorts are.

These were the websites to meet women where we didn’t get a whole lot of action.

Hookup Dating Website Standing Sent Emails Received Replies Casual Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Casual Sex Reviews
160 53 15 3 1 Read review
160 48 13 4 1 Read review
160 76 35 2 0 Read review
160 55 6 0 0 Read review
160 64 6 0 0 Read review
160 70 5 0 0 Read review
160 56 0 0 0 Read review
160 62 0 0 0 Read review
160 76 0 0 0 Read review

Source: Dating-Crew.com, Australia, 2018