The 5 best locations to meet someone for no strings adult fun in the UK

casual place for dateBest Locations To Meet Someone

When it comes to local casual hookupse, the importance of which location you choose for your date can not be understated. Living in the UK, with all assortments of options available to singles looking to hookup, there’s no excuse for picking an unworthy date location. UL women in particular, who have lived their lives spoiled with the various activities available for first dates, will not readily accept a sub-par date idea from a man who they’re looking to hook up with. Thankfully for you, we are well versed in the department of locations for first dates in the UK, having scouted and tried out several of them ourselves. Here are a few dating ideas for your first date with an online hookup in the UK.


We know, meeting singles online for casual sex is not the most distinguished setup in the world, but that does not mean that you can’t introduce a bit of class on your first date. Museums are there as a good option for singles when it comes to being artistic and cultural. In fact, museums are one of the best places to bring any first date to, since their very aesthetic encourages conversation, and it’s important to get to know your date before engaging in some no strings adult fun with them. At a museum, you can walk and talk all the way up and down the halls, getting to know the person you’re courting. If ever there is an uncomfortable gap or silence in the conversation, you need simply look at the piece before you and make an offhand remark about it, and you’ll find that the conversation between you two has sparked up out of nowhere. There are several museums in the UK to choose from, so just take your pick. By our experience, they’ll all work wonders.

Natural Parks

If a museum is too stuffy an environment for both of your personalities, an open, natural park might be the better alternative to take your first date. At a park, you can soak in the simple natural wonders around you as you walk and talk, getting to know the lovely lady you’re with. There are benches all around where you can sit and feed the birds, or perhaps throw some stones in the lake and see how many times you can skip it. If she can skip the rock more than you can, don’t feel emasculated, as that will seriously drag the rest of your date downhill. The park is a perfect place to bring a dog if you had one, and a pet is a good icebreaker for a first date as well.

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Amusement Parks

Maybe you’re looking for a more vibrant environment than a traditional park. Well, that’s where amusement parks come in. Amusement parks grant the possibility of endless fun to be had for all ages. There are several rides of varying intensities available, as well as games of all sorts where you can win your date a lovely prize. The long lineups that most amusement parks tend to have are also welcome in this scenario, since they allow some more time for you to speak to your date and get to know her better. Of course, if you’re really against waiting in line for a long time, most amusement parks offer some kind of express pass where you can cut the waiting time by a significant amount. Just make sure not to eat too many sweets before a particularly wild ride, as any sort of vomit you expel on your date will most likely block your chances of a one night stand later on.

Bars And Clubs

Of course, you’re both adults, and neither of you will be opposed to spending a good, adult time at a bar or club, dancing, drinking, and conversing. The reason that bars and clubs are such a persistent option when it comes to dating is that they provide the perfect environment for getting to know someone new. Just make sure that the location does not have music playing too loudly, as you don’t intend to spend the entire night screaming casual conversation into their ear.

Your Place, Or Hers

You did meet your date on an online hookup site, after all. If you’re both comfortable in what you’ve discerned from each other through online conversations, there’s no reason why you should not skip all the filler that comes before a one night stand. Suggest she come over to your place, or maybe meet her at hers. Make sure that you have a bottle of wine or a few beers handy. Who knows, you might be engaging in some casual sex with your date way before you thought you would!