5 Ways to Deal With a Jealous Boyfriend

jealous boyfriendDealing with a jealous boyfriend? Take a look at our tips on how to best handle the situation

A jealous boyfriend can really take its toll on a relationship and is one of the main things that pushes women to leave men. Everybody gets jealous sometimes, but when it gets to the point that it’s overbearing and causing the woman to feel suffocated, she may leave the relationship and start dating new people. If you’re dealing with a jealous boyfriend and don’t know how to handle it, our Invercargill, NZ team has listed some tips below to make the situation better and ensure that the your relationship doesn’t end because of it.

Help Him Understand You

Often times, jealousy in men – and both genders for that matter – is created through past negative experiences. Has your boyfriend been cheated on in the past by an ex-girlfriend? The root of his insecurity likely didn’t come out of nowhere, so try and determine where his jealousy is coming from and help him understand that you’re not the same as the people that have hurt him in the past. Once he understands this, he’ll have an easier time controlling his feelings and keeping his jealousy at bay when it does surface.

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Avoid Triggers

If there’s anything specific that sets him off – maybe you’re a bit too flirty when out in public or wear very revealing clothing – try to avoid them. We’re not saying don’t be yourself – there’s always a point where jealousy will happen no matter what you do and if this is the case, it’s probably best to move on. However, relationships are about compromise and if there’s anything you can do to minimize his jealousy, make the effort to do so.

Involve Him in Social Outings

When you have a jealous boyfriend and go out with your friends, he’s probably at home trapped in his jealous thoughts and coming up with his own explanations and theories as to what you’re doing. In order to help him realize that you’re not out flirting or cheating on him, invite him out with you sometimes when you’re going out with your friends so that he can understand exactly what you do when he’s not there and make him feel more comfortable about it.

Don’t Get Angry

Even if he seems like he’s being unreasonable or irrational, don’t get angry – chances are, he’s being both of these things, but adding another negative emotion into the mix isn’t the way to solve the situation. Always keep your cool and talk things through with him in order to keep things civil and get him into a more rational state of mind. Through this kind of tactic, you can better understand how he’s feeling and he can better understand what’s going through your head.

Reassure Him

Reassuring your boyfriend that you love him and have no interest in other people is a great way to give him the confidence that he needs to deal with his jealousy and get over his insecurities. With no reassurance, he’ll continue to think negative thoughts and dwell on them, ultimately making his jealousy even worse. Easing these fears is an essential part of making a relationship with a jealous boyfriend work.

Indulge in PDA

Showing some public displays of affection – from holding his hand to kissing his cheek – is a great way to show the world that you and your boyfriend are a couple. Even if he gets a bit embarrassed, at the end of the day the effort that you made to let the world know how you feel for him will comfort him and help to ease his jealousy.

Don’t Be Obvious

Don’t be obvious when it comes to using any of the tips or strategies that we’ve listed above. Being a jealous boyfriend isn’t something that he’s proud of, so make sure that you don’t make it obvious that you’re trying to control or curb his jealous nature. If he’s aware of the reasons behind your actions, it will likely make him feel even worse and be ashamed of himself.

Dating a jealous boyfriend can be tough and sometimes it can drive women straight for online casual encounter sites to break free. Although there are plenty of free casual encounter ads out there for this purpose, following the above tips is a much better route to take before you jump the gun and hit the exit door of the relationship. With a bit of effort, openness and understanding, you can work things out with your boyfriend and resolve the root of the jealousy, paving the way to a healthy relationship.