5 Great tips for having sex on the first date

one night stand 2Sex On The First Date

As single men, most of the real estate in our minds is occupied by the notion of getting laid. Luckily for us, online hookup platforms exist to help bridge the gap between thinking about a one night stand, and actually being a part of one. Once we find our top adult dating site, we’re well on our way to the hot, sexy, downtown date of our dreams. There’s no official guidebook that outlines the rules of dating; if there were, all men would definitely own a copy in their personal libraries (that is, if all men even had a personal library). All that we have to take note of is our own experience, and the conglomerate experience of our brethren, past and present. It’s one thing to go on a first date with a beautiful woman — sealing the deal on that first date requires charm, wit, and skill. If you think you’re lacking in any of those departments, don’t think that at all — we have complete faith in you. Here are some tips to get you on your way to having sex on the first date.

Make Sure You’re Wearing The Right Clothes

All women base a significant portion of their first impression on what clothes a man is wearing. Your attire actually says a lot about your personality. Dress sloppily, and you’ll hear the click-clack of her high heels as she makes a run for the hills. Dress like a boss, and you’ll be paving a path for an under-the-covers dance between you and your lucky lady on the very first date. Wear the right clothes, and the foundation for your first date will be firmly set. It’ll all be uphill from here.

Listen To What She’s Saying

Although your ultimate goal on this date is to end up in bed with your lovely companion, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are several steps that are necessary for you to take before you can even come close to getting there. Women like to have conversations, and a conversation means that you’re listening to what she’s saying and engaging in the topics that she’s bringing up. Nodding your head or staring blankly into her eyes simply won’t do the trick; you need to let your intelligence and your unique opinions shine through your conversations. Excite her mind, and you’ll be well on your way to exciting her body later on, in the wee hours of the night.

Be A Gentleman

James Bond gets laid tons of times, over several generations. Why? Because he’s a proper gentleman, of course. Mirror the mannerisms and demeanor of iconic gentlemen like James Bond, and you’ll find her going head over heels for you, both figuratively in the present, and literally later on. Simple things like holding the restaurant door open for your lady, and offering to pour her a glass of wine when her glass is running thin, will give you a ton of bonus points in her book. As we all know, of course, bonus points tend to get people laid.

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Don’t Be Anyone But Your Perfect Self

Remember, we want you to mirror certain attributes of James Bond — don’t try to fool her into thinking that you’re the fictional character in the flesh. Your date is here to see you, not anyone else. If you’re trying to be someone you’re not, she’ll know right away, and your chances of getting laid will be totally blown. By being yourself, you’ll be more comfortable in your skin, and you’ll impress her in ways that no one else can, because there’s no one else who’s quite like you.

Make Your Move

At the end of the night, when there is palpable romantic magic in the air, find the right time to make the right move. Kiss her under the moonlight, or whatever kind of light you happen to be under — even in the dark, for crying out loud. The only way that you’ll have any chance of sealing the deal is if you man up at the end of the night and show your date that you want her, physically. If she doesn’t go for it, fine — there will be plenty more dates to come. If she does, then you have successfully laid out a red carpet for a one night stand on your very first date! Believe in yourself, act calm, cool and casual, and read her body signals to see if she’s on the same page that you are. We have faith in you, soldier. Godspeed!