Tips on wearing casual attire to a date in Australia

online dating profileWearing Casual Attire Tips

After looking for nsa for a while, you’ve finally found the right online hookup website for you, and after a myriad of edits to your online dating platform, you have finally met a girl online that you’re interested in going on a hot date with. You’ve already broken the ice with her online, and have mapped out your dating destinations together. All that’s left now is for you to get yourself dressed, and pick the right wardrobe for the night. As strange as it might sound to the ears of men, women tend to base a large portion of their first impression on the clothes that men are wearing when they come meet them. Of course, men and women alike understand that there is much more to the persona of anyone than what attire they choose to cover their skin with, but we must not ignore the importance of choosing the right clothes on the first date. Since these are casual affairs, and we are casual men meeting casual women for a date, it’s important for us to wrap ourselves in casual attire so that the night proceeds as smoothly as possible. Anything other than that will result in the night not going as casually as it could have, which either party would definitely like to avoid. Thankfully for you, we are more than well versed in the art of dressing up casually and meeting up with women for no strings sex. Here are some basic tips on how to dress casually for your first date.

Make Sure That You Match

Now, we’re definitely not suggesting that you choose to completely color code your outfit. That would achieve the opposite effect, and your woman might be so appalled that she runs the other way as soon as she meets you for the date. Instead, we’re just suggesting that you choose colours, materials, and styles that compliment each other. Make sure that no single attribute of your wardrobe is clashing with the others or throwing them off in any way. Try on different outfits before your date, and look in the mirror to see if anything is out of place. If it is, choose something else out of the closet and try it on. Something as trivial as a sock or shoe lace can make you stand out horribly from among a crowd, and your woman definitely would not appreciate that one bit.

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Don’t Overdo It

In casual affairs, it’s important not to arrive for a date looking too flashy, or too over prepared. For the sake of all that is holy, do not show up to your date in a tux! Knowing that women judge men largely from the clothes they wear, we might be tempted to show up in the most impressive clothing in the world, because we want our date to think of us as impressive, important men. However, going too overboard in this regard will almost definitely result in the opposite effect; your date will think that you dressed with the specific intention to create an impressive impression of yourself, and she won’t be impressed at all. Keep it casual, play it cool, and dress like the person you are, not like a fictitious character in your imagination.

Don’t Underdo It

With the above said, it’s important not to go too far in the opposite direction and underdress for the occasion. While a tuxedo would seem ridiculously over the top, something like a ragged hooded sweater and sweatpants would seem as though you didn’t put one moment of thought to your attire before the date. Showing up to a date in baggy, ugly clothes will probably lead you to seeing obvious signs of disgust on your date’s face, and that definitely does not bode well when it comes to you getting laid that night. Casual attire, while not being overly luxurious, definitely does not mean going out looking like a bum.

Be Comfortable In Who You Are And What You’re Wearing

At the end of the day, a successful date is all about being comfortable in your own skin, and having a good time with the woman you met online. If you feel like a certain outfit isn’t for you, because it doesn’t mesh with who you are, then simply pick something else to wear. You might choose all the right clothes for the night, but if you’re not comfortable in them, your date will sense that energy from a mile away, and things will be on an awkward trajectory from that point forward. Make sure your clothes are loose enough to breathe, and airy enough so you feel light in them. Be comfortable with how you look in the mirror and who you are beneath your clothes and beneath your skin. At the end of the day, confidence trumps all, even your outfit. Be the confident, good looking, well dressed person you are, and you’ll find that your date won’t be able to resist you.