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On 23 November 2016
Last modified:26 January 2023


Why are they here? Many are saying JustHookup is the place to be for hookups. I don't see where this is the case – nothing is going on at all. Each time I try to use the search engine, it bugs out on me.

It seems to us that comes nowhere near honouring its title. We have engaged in a thorough, comprehensive reviewing process that encompassed over 300 dating websites, and has clearly come out as one of the most disappointing online casual encounter platforms that are available online. There are a plethora of other options out there that give consumers the desired results, and we recommend people flock to those instead of JustHookup.

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Before using some questions may come to mind, such as is JustHookup real, is JustHookup working, and is JustHookup any good? We engaged in our all-encompassing comprehensive review process spanning several online hookup sites across the web in order to answer questions like these. In testing out we sent out 160 e-mails to members on the site. 55 of those replied to us and we managed to set only 6 dates up out of those replies. That’s already a weak ratio compared to other sites, but the worst part is that none of those women actually showed up on the dates, so of course we didn’t manage to close the deal with anyone using JustHookup. Unfortunately, we have found the answer to all the questions above to be the same thing: a resounding “No!”

Is JustHookup legit?

Not only did we get laid a total of zero times using this platform, but we also ran into several members who blatantly tried to scam us along the way. As a consumer wanting to find consenting, attractive, genuine human beings to have a one night stand with, having to bump into so many scammers online is extremely infuriating. We engaged in our online hookup website reviews to wean the weak sites from the good ones, and we can say with confidence that is definitely one of the weaker sites. If your intention is to avoid all JustHookup scams then you should simply avoid JustHookup altogether.

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We REALLY are NOT HAPPY about JustHookup. We had a terrible time while trying this hookup dating website. You should consider to subscribe on a better hook up sites depending in which country you are from.

There are other hookup platforms that work much better

If you have already used and are finding yourself infuriated by the online hookup sphere, don’t give up! There are other websites (like,,, and where you can meet hot women in your area looking for a one night stand. Just because the online encounters on do not produce satisfying results, and just because there are several scammers to be found on the site, does not mean you should lose hope in this venture. If you’re new to the online hookup world, just be glad that we saved you the trouble of using this disappointing platform.