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On 23 November 2016
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Not recommended : That bland name sums up the site pretty nicely. There's simply nothing here for you to do, and nothing that's not done better on about a dozen different other online hookup sites. Check out our complete site-by-site Viewpoint to see whether MySexHookups is seriously legit.

In our opinion, the site MysexHookups is certainly not the best that there is. Lets agree, we visit these sites because we want to get laid but with the least inconvenience possible. Sadly, it is a little tricky finding a good fuck buddy on MySexHookups. While it is possible to eventually find someone to shag, there are other sites that are much better and will make things a little easier for you. We have reviewed a number of sex hookups sites and frankly others are way better. Our observations have led us to believe that mysexhookups reviews are generally not positive and the site leaves a lot to be desired.

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Testing the site

We put together a team of 6 people to test a total of 300 sex hookups sites over a period of 6 months. One of our aims was to find out which are the genuine sites and which are not. After a thorough review, we concluded that some sites do not have genuine members. One of these is MysexHookups. A lot of people out there wonder, is my SexHookups working? One thing we observed is that you cannot choose a girl that you like. This is not really what many men want. As a man, you would love to interact, albeit briefly, with a lady of your choosing before initiating any hookup.

Be careful not to lose your hard-earned money

When you take a keen look at, you are likely to notice lots of offers such as sex talk, sex chat, fuck buddy and even sex dating. However, it all leads to the same thing. You will be promised lots of great things such as meeting amazing girls willing to get laid and without commitment. However, in most cases, this is just cheap talk. There has been a lot of talk about MySexHookup being a haven for scammers. This means you could lose your money to members pretending to be genuine hookups but are actually after your money. Be safe and stay away from a site where trust is an issue.

MySexHookups testimonials

We REALLY are NOT HAPPY about MySexHookups. We had a terrible time while trying this hookup dating website. You should consider to subscribe on a better hook up sites depending in which country you are from.

Find a more trustworthy sexhookup site

If you want to get laid and get a hookup buddy with no strings attached, then you need to ask yourself one question; is mysexhookups working? If the answer to this question is a no, like most members of our team found out, then you are better off using a more trustworthy site. Find one that works for you instead of spending your cash on a site that has questionable members and trust issues. MySexHookups may look good and genuine on face value but it is definitely not. It is a site of questionable integrity and members who are most likely not genuine. In short, try and avoid and probably look elsewhere for serious hookup dates online where you will receive great sex and get laid as often as you like.