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On 23 November 2016
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This Australian personal sex ads dating website delivers exactly what you want and more!

From the results of 4 months of intensive (and intense) research, we have found to be one of the most fruitful dating sites for connecting with people who really want to have sex. In an internet world full of scams, phony sites, and catfishes, it is so easy to get tricked online, and embarrassingly to admit, we were tired of it happening to us. However, we also had heard about so many stories of guys who were getting laid like crazy on dating sites, so we decided to put it all to the test and determine if there are any SexSearch scams out there. We got together as team of 6 regular guys, and tested out 300 different dating sites with different claims of effectiveness and success. Surprisingly, we found less than 1% to actually be scam sites, but of course, this did not mean that the rest of them were any good at making actual hook ups happen. After a lot of research and a lot of bad dates, we came to the conclusion that SexSearch reviews as one of the sites that is most likely to get you laid.

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Some May Wonder “Is SexSearch any Good?”, But The Numbers Don’t Lie

If baseball has taught us anything, statistics matter. The better the statistics are, the better the player can be considered. With this in mind, this is exactly what we used when analyzing the effectiveness of Over the course of 4 months, our team of 6 guys sent out 160 emails to sexy profiles on SexSearch. These are the results:

Reply Rate on SexSearch: 39%

We received a fairly decent reply rate of almost 40%, or 62 responses to our 160 messages. Many of these responses expressed keen interest in our profiles and lead to some real conversations with women who were interested in meeting.

Dates Set Up on SexSearch: 55%

Out of our 62 responses and conversations with potential matches, we were able to successfully set up 34 dates over the course of 4 months. Considering that we all have day jobs, these dates really filled up our schedule quickly.

Actual Dates Completed on SexSearch: 82%

For whatever reason, some of the dates we set up did not come to fruition, but maybe we should say it was their loss. That being said, almost all of our dates did end up with real encounters.

Amount of Home Runs on SexSearch: 86%

This is where the statistics really shine. Out of all of our dates, 24 of them resulted in successful home runs. Yes, this means we rounded first, second and third base to slide into home on almost every date. Not too bad if you ask us.

Is SexSearch Legit?

During our research, we found many people who claimed that was a scam or bogus site, and many others asking “Is SexSearch Real?”. This is one of the main reasons we decided to investigate it for legitimacy and any potential SexSearch scams. After 4 months of excessive scrutiny, we came to the conclusion that it is in fact a real and legitimate dating site. No longer do men need to ask “Is SexSearch Working?” as we can tell you that it is, with proven success. However, we also realized that it is likely that many users are not using the site properly in order to take advantage of the features that help you connect with the potential community of over 62 million users. Of course, with so many users, it is likely that there are some duds in the armory, but for any smart user who approaches their search with intent and analysis, it is very likely that they can find matches that result in real sexual encounters.

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We recommend you to use SexSearch in Australia. It ranks #3 as the BEST dating sites for having sex. Visit right now!

Top Tips for Making Work for You!

Paid Memberships on

We know… this is not what you want to hear, and it saddens us that we must be the bearers of such horrible news, but unfortunately it is the truth. We did not have much success on this site, until we signed up for a paid membership. Typically we like to recommend sites that do not require payment, but only became one of the most effective dating sites for us after we had dropped a little bit of coin. After signing up, we really began to see some results. With so many users on this site, if you don’t stand out in the crowd, it is very difficult to attract a potential match. This is why the paid membership gave us such an edge on the competition, and we nearly immediately began to see more results.

Be Active in the SexSearch Chat Rooms

Another method that we found to be particularly useful on, was to have an active presence in the chat rooms. The chat rooms are a great way to meet women who are also active on the site, and helps you avoid some of the cold accounts and old profiles. This is key in finding someone who wants to hook up. If they are in the chat room, it means that they are currently looking, and as the name of the site implies, SexSearch is for people who are searching for sex. It is also much easier to build a connection with someone when it is happening in real time. We found our rate of success much higher when we started a conversation with a woman, and kept it going until we had secured a date.

Don’t Give Up on!

Persistance is vital in the game. With so much competition on the site, it means that those who are not active and aggressive in their approach will not succeed. Although a very large community does mean a lot of competition, it also means a lot of potential matches. Out of 62 million users, it is pretty much a guarantee that you will be able to hook up with at least a few of them. It just takes time to find the right connection on thesehookup sites, so have patience and keep searching. It worked for us!