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On 23 November 2016
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It's a lot of fun hooking up on this adult dating site! You MUST try it.

If what you’re after is a casual, no strings attached encounter with hot single women in your area, you need look no further than FreeHookups. Online hookups between two adventurous strangers is one of the greatest features of our modern world, and offers just that. This is the perfect medium for facilitating wild, romantic adventures. Relationships can be messy and extremely complicated; sometimes, all we really want to do is have an intimate time with someone without feeling like we’re obliged to take it any further than that. With this is exatly what you’re getting, since the women you meet on the sexual dating site are also looking for a bit of fun without the relationship-related mess that comes afterwards. We’ve tested a wide variety of hookup sites like this one, and we’ve found to be among the best of the best when it came to legitimacy, ease of use and successful encounters. If a successful encounter is indeed what you’re looking for, is there to help you make that happen as simply and directly as possible. The process through which sites like works is quite astonishing — one moment you’re on the computer chatting with a stranger sexcam, the next you’re having a drink with her at a lovely bar, and the next… well, we’ll just leave that part to your imagination.

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Putting to the test

Because of the popularity of online dating sites these days, it can become difficult to differentiate the legitimate ones from the scams. Wherever a good thing can be found, you can be sure that a scam artist lies not too far away. Online no strings attached sites are definitely a good thing, and you can bet that, if you’re not careful, you can easily run into a scam website that’s just there to take your money. This is why we’ve put these sites through our extensive, tried and true review formula: to separate the dysfunctional, dishonest sites from the working, legitimate ones. By the end of our review process, we were proud to say that we achieved just that, and our certification of a platform’s legitimacy is 100% accurate. We are happy to say that is not only totally legitimate and free of scams, but that it works extremely well in giving the desired results from casual encounters.

What immediately stood out for us when we put through our test run was the sheer number of gorgeous ladies on the site. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, you name it, every type of girl with every type of feature is there. This was refreshing, as we have gone through our fair share of websites that didn’t have the extremely promising variety of beautiful women that had. Not only were the girls plentiful and extremely varied in their look and style, but a great ratio of them actually responded to our messages. Out of 160 emails that we sent to these women, 82 of them answered us back. A response rate of over 50% is absolutely fantastic when considering the entire spectrum of online hookup sites. Out of the women who responded to us, we managed to arrange 56 dates, 48 of which resulted in us actually meeting up with the women as planned. Again, that is a fantastic ratio, as we have been stood up several more times on lesser platforms than Of course, the best part of it all is that out of the 48 dates that we had, 41 of them resulted in a very happy ending for us and the lovely ladies who made the whole night possible. We’re happy to pass on these results to you, and though the research was thorough and comprehensive, we really can’t complain, since we ended up getting laid way more than we would normally expect from your run-of-the-mill one night stand website.

Is FreeHookups legit?

As a consumer, it’s understandable to ask yourself some questions before diving into something new. Questions such as ‘is FreeHookups any good?’, ‘is FreeHookups working?’ or even ‘is Freehookups real?’ might pop up. During our process of researching and reviewing we are proud to say that we did not run into a single fake online dating account on the website, and ours is certainly the most in-depth out of all FreeHookups reviews to be found online. Great news, there are no FreeHookups scams here! Bots and scam profiles are easy to sniff out right from the get-go, and thankfully no such sniffing-out was necessary in reviewing this platform. All of the women we spoke to were 100% genuine human beings looking to make a physical connection with us. As we said, users navigating through the online casual encounter networks should always keep a wary eye out for the tricky scam artist, but from our in-depth research (in which we thoroughly reviewed 300 hookup sites), we can safely say that is the real deal. Your wallet will be safe from invasive hands, and your time will be well-invested toward getting you laid.

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It’s more than possible to get laid online

Meeting a beautiful woman online and having no strings attached casual sex with her is something that seems too good to be true, but the crazy thing is that it actually works. On online hookup platforms like women get to reveal a side of themselves that they usually don’t get to indulge in their daily lives. It’s a wild side that craves the same carnal things a man does. There are gorgeous women of all types and assortments who have actually made an account on with the intention of getting laid in the most direct and straightforward way possible. There are women waiting in the virtual hallways of who are just like you. They don’t want all the complications that come with a long courting process and the messy relationship that follows; these women just want to have a wild, adventurous night, just like you do. So don’t waste any more time wondering. Out of all the options of online casual encounter sites out there, has the variety of beautiful women and the total legitimacy that will make you happy to use it without worrying about being scammed. Once you close the deal on your first date, you’ll see that it will have all been worth it. Visit and see for yourself. You can thank us later.