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On 23 November 2016
Last modified:26 January 2023

Summary: is so dead, we were almost impressed - almost, anyway. The name doesn't lie; DatingInSecret is populated by women who aren't serious at all about the casual dating scene. Don't go in blind - we've done all the work for you in our Scam Reviews.

In our opinion, is on the weaker end of the spectrum when it comes to the available options for no strings attached sex generated from online encounters. With other hookup sites that do the job much better, we don’t see why consumers looking for online hookups would choose DatinginSecret.

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Is DatingInSecret working?

DatingInSecret was on our extensive list of online hookup sites to review. We set out on this venture in order to answer a variety of questions: is DatingInSecret any good? is DatingInSecret legit? Even the basic question of is DatingInSecret real? In conducting our thorough DatingInSecret hookup website reviews, we sent 160 e-mails to female members on the site. Out of those 160, we received 48 replies, out of which we managed to set up 13 dates. Only 4 of the women showed up to those dates, and we only managed to close the deal with one of them. These are extremely paltry results compared to some of the other online hookup platforms that we reviewed.

DatingInSecret is not the most straightforward online casual encounter experience

In our reviewing process, we hoped that we would manage to put to rest any sort of talk regarding DatingInSecret scams. Unfortunately, we have encountered a lot of members who were obvious scammers, and this definitely hampered the experience of using the platform. One of the main priorities when using a site like this is the complete legitimacy of each of its users. With our experience using DatingInSecret, we have encountered multiple users who are straight-up scammers out to waste our time and money, so we definitely do not recommend to anyone looking for an honest online hookup experience. The scammers will go about their shady business as they always will, but that does not mean that you should take your business near theirs when there are plenty of scam-free options available.

DatingInSecret testimonials

We REALLY are NOT HAPPY about DatingInSecret. We had a terrible time while trying this hookup dating website. You should consider to subscribe on a better hook up sites depending in which country you are from.

Your valuable time is best spent somewhere else

At the end of the day, we have limited time to ourselves, and that time should ideally be spent wisely. After the thorough research we have conducted into, we can conclude with certainly that this website is a waste of time considering all of the better alternatives out there. Some of those alternative include,,, and Aside from the risk of being scammed, we spent a lot of time trying to get laid using and only emerged with very weak results, while the other sites we tested got us laid plenty of times. Avoid using, and take your valuable time to another platform, where it will in all likelihood be much better spent.