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On 23 November 2016
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If you are looking for online dating, Women respond to messages, and Not only is the site easy to use, but everyone is easy to talk to-that made hooking up with potential dates simple and fun! > You should try it!

Our process for reviewing an online dating site is rigorous and requires a couple months of careful interaction with the users, especially in cases where we are not immediately turned off by a fledgling site, or an obvious scam. Now, most of us fall into one of two categories. Guys looking for hookups, and guys looking for relationships. We were mostly looking for hookups, so this allowed us to connect with more women, and sample the user base of the site more effectively.

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One of our favorite sites was We really liked the look and feel
of the interface. The user base was solid. Establishedmen is a legitimate site where women go to meet affluent men with firm economic roots. The site has university students, younger women, and other women who are quite beautiful, looking for a man for kinky fun and/or romance. The trick to building a user base as solid as this, was to make subscriptions free for women, while simultaneously charging men for the full service. You should be into this concept. Part of the problem with free dating sites is that the ratio of males to females is completely male-heavy.

Women on these sites end up receiving over 40 messages a day and tend to be overwhelmed sifting through the wankers. Eventually, a genuine message which meet with her approval is impossible to find under a flurry of a dozen or so meatballs. Establishedmen, by restricting premium membership, ensures that doesn’t happen, although basic membership is still free.

Why else is Establishedmen for real? Their staff is constantly monitoring the site for fake profiles and/or pay to play sex girls.

Now on to the Establishedmen review.

Is Establishedmen real

Yes. The site is a legit hookup site for men looking for women and women looking for men, with a heavy tendency toward longer term relationships with the possibility of
settling down, but we found there were also a lot of university students who were looking for a good time.

Is Establishedmen working for us

Yes. Our team sent more than 160 e-mails to the various women on the site. In response we got 92 replies. Of those 92 replies we set up 49 dates. Of those 49 dates 45 of the women showed up. Of those 45 women we were able to close the deal 43 times. That’s not bad at all.

Other notes of Methodology

Establishedmen was vetted by our team of six men for over four months. During this process we reviewed over 300 dating sites catering to all different kinds of clientele from all over the world. Some of them were fledgling sites with a poor user base. Others were more or less fronts for prostitution or camgirls. Some were legit sites. Only 3 of them were outright dig and dash scams.

Of the guys on our team, all of us ended up paying for the premium service on It was worth it. We loved the user base. There were women of all sorts from different backgrounds looking for kinky fun, serious relationships, and men to meet and go out with. Four of us still have our premium membership and will continue to pay for until, like our friends, we meet someone we want to date exclusively.

In our opinion, Establishedmen was one of the premier sites for online dating on the net. We loved the girls we met and had a blast hooking up and hanging out with them. is a legit dating service offering a top tier interface, excellent and attentive staff who assure user profiles are on the up and up and not sock puppet accounts whose sole focus is to get your to pay for cam girls, working girls, or porn sites.

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We recommend you to use Establishedmen in the United Kingdom. It ranks #1 as the BEST dating sites for having sex. Visit right now!

What features does Establishedmen offer for Premium service

We know if you’re like us, you’re fairly cautious when it comes to paying for an online dating service, and you should be. But Establishedmen offers a top quality service featuring several nice touches that we thought were really hot. Free membership allows you to send three messages for free. So you get to take the site for a test run before you commit.

Our favorite features of Establishedmen

1. One feature we liked a lot is, if you’re interested in a girl and you strike up a conversation with her, she can send you a personal key giving you access to her private photos. This had us drooling and really excited.
2. You can add gifts to messages which can be paid for with credits which can either be purchased by credit card or paypal.
3. Online chat was fun. You get to flirt the girls and get a feel for them before you go out.
4. Profile search is really elaborate. Allows you to search by body type, location, keywords and more.
5. There are profile questions to help with your searches.
6. You can send voice messages as well.

Overall Review of Establishedmen

We found Establishedmen to be among the top online dating sites on the internet, for hookups or for long term relationships. We were really excited about the service it offered and the payoff was even better than expected. We were delighted to purchase the premium service. It was well worth the money we paid in and everyone on our team found someone to hook up with. The girls were amazing and there was a wide user base to choose from. Establishedmen offers a legit dating service for singles of all sorts who are looking for anything from no strings hookups to long term relationships.

Our hook-up to date ratio was higher than we could have possibly imagined. These were girls who wanted more choice than the random hookups you get at bars or clubs or wanted to keep their sex lives separated from their work and social situations, which is a very valid concern these days.

All in all, if we had to give it a number, we would give 10 on a scale of 10. One of the best sites we’ve ever used for online hook ups and dating.