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On 23 November 2016
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You have to check this Kiwi discreet dating site out! SexSearch.com is really recommended

At the time of writing this, SexSearch has over 62 million members – a number proudly displayed in an upwardly-ticking counter on their slick looking website. From the great photos of beautiful women to sponsors including Playboy, SexSearch.com pulls no punches on its homepage. Compared to the fairly rudimentary design and layouts of most casual sex sites, we’re sure that this is enough the make many people members right on the spot. From our experience, visual appeal isn’t everything, but after spending four months on SexSearch we can confidently say that this site provides more than just aesthetics.

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SexSearch Reviews

Type in “SexSearch reviews” in Google and you’ll find plenty of glowing ones claiming that SexSearch.com is the best casual sex site on the internet. In 2011, it was voted the best dating site by the OnlineDatingCouncil. But it’s now the second half of 2016, so we couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t have any other awards or mentions since that time period. However, after using the service for a good amount of time, it seems that the SexSearch team is still on top of the casual sex scene – from the numerous profiles of real, beautiful women, this service is one that you definitely want to try

Is SexSearch Real?

As you can probably gather from the awards and sponsors mentioned above, SexSearch.com has many benefits – there numerous real women on here from locations that span all around the world. The best part is that many of these women actually want to meet up and have sexual encounters. With testimonials on the front page boasting dates that were set up in mere hours, our expectations were high and thankfully, our experiences afterwards were mostly very positive.

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Is SexSearch Working?

In four months, we received 55 replies from women on SexSearch.com. Of these replies, 25 led to planned dates and 21 actually followed through. Of these dates, 18 led to casual sex. Although this isn’t as much as we’ve achieved with other websites, the service has obviously invested a lot of time and money into the quality of their website and the results are still there, even if they aren’t on the same level of some of the higher-tier casual sex sites like HookupCloud.com. Steamy sexual encounters are the goal when using a service like this and SexSearch ultimately delivers with a bit of effort.

SexSearch Scams

We did encounter a few fake profiles on SexSearch, but these profiles are simply there for entertainment purposes and are easily spotted. Checking the terms of service will reveal that the company employs “online emissaries” in order to “enhance your online experience.” In other words, these fake profiles are just a part of the website design and are very easy to ignore. The fact that the SexSearch team uses these profiles to enhance the experience shows how much effort they put into the visual experience of the site, something that makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

In terms of fake girls and scams, our experiences did not bring us into contact with any women who tried to obtain our email address or credit card information – something that is quite common on some other competing websites. SexSearch seems to employ fairly stringent security measures to ensure that all potential security hazards are taken care of and your online experience is as safe as possible.

The Real Women

At the end of the day, the most important part of casual sex websites are the women and on SexSearch.com, most of the women on the site are those that you’d expect to be on a casual sex website. After investing some effort into messaging and setting up dates, the rewards that we experienced were very much worth it and helping us spice up our sex lives. For those that want the most out of the service, we suggest investing in a premium membership to get all of the perks.

Although there are a couple of casual sex websites out there that we have had more success with, the great design, numerous features and encounters that we had make us confident that it will help you inject some fire into your sex life for a reasonable amount of time and money. We’ve been using these services long enough to know when the bark can match the bite and SexSearch.com is a perfect example of such a website.

Is SexSearch Any Good?

At the end of the day, SexSearch.com is a quality service that definitely hits the mark. If the snazzy pictures and sponsors aren’t a good enough indication, we can assure you that you will definitely be getting your money’s worth by investing in a premium membership with this service. The search and chat room features are very well designed – especially compared to the standard for sites such as these – and the quality of these features is complimented by a diverse group of ladies that will provide you with much more than just eye candy.

Is SexSearch Legit?

From our personal experience, SexSearch is definitely a legit website. There are many real women on here just waiting for someone to share a steamy, satisfying sexual experience with and with a bit of effort, you can be that person. Steamy sexual encounters are one of the best ways to relieve stress and keep your life exciting and unpredictable and sites that can connect you with people looking to participate in these encounters is a great way to keep a clear head.