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On 23 November 2016
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You're just not going to get results on a adult dating service like this. Members on BeNaughty seem friendly, but they don't want to do anything more than exchange messages. What a dissappointment.

We believe that all online hookup platforms share the same purpose: to set two neighboring strangers on a path toward a one night stand. It’s a simple enough mission statement, but the unfortunate truth is that not every platform manages to pull it off. For instance, is one of those online hookup platforms that simply do not do the job. With all of the better platforms out there that actually have a high likelihood in netting you a one night stand, there’s really little to no reason for anyone to use BeNaughty.

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Our team spent 4 months testing various dating sites from around the net in order to concretely categorize which platforms work and which don’t. There were over 300 websites on our list, and we took our time to spend a lot of effort in getting definitive results from each of these sites. Of course, was on the list. We would have liked to conclude that is one of the good ones, but unfortunately, it surely is not. We engaged in this reviewing process to answer questions like is BeNaughty any good, is BeNaughty working, is BeNaughty real, and is BeNaughty legit. We sent out 160 e-mails to female BeNaughty users, hoping that this will lead to an online conversation that would lead to a date with a very happy ending for all parties. Out of the 160 e-mails we sent out, 70 women replied to us, which admittedly is not a very bad ratio compared to the average response rate of our process. However, things immediately started to look glum when we only managed to set up 5 dates out of those 70 responses. If that wasn’t bad enough, we ended up going on 0 dates with any of these women. This means that we did not get laid one time using despite putting a lot of time and effort toward that.

Given the prevalence of scammers in the online world, it’s understandable for potential users to be worried about BeNaughty scams. We would like to report that we didn’t run into any scams while using this website, but the truth is that multiple users were clear scammers out to waste their victim’s time and money. This is a huge negative mark on the website, since it’s part of their job to make sure that their users experience a scam-free zone.

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We REALLY are NOT HAPPY about BeNaughty. We had a terrible time while trying this hookup dating website. You should consider to subscribe on a better hook up sites depending in which country you are from.

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From our thorough and extensive reviewing process, we have concluded that are several hookup websites out there that work exceptionally well in producing one night stands for its users. Some of these websites include,,, and If a legitimate one night stand is what you’re looking for, we advise that you avoid at all costs.