About those Guys Who Tried all those Hookup Sites

Why Should I Take Dating Advice From You?

Asher, Graham, Flynn, and Cody had just 2 things in common when they had their first unlikely meeting: They were all male (obviously) and they were all annoyed with the lack of quality dating sites and information about these dating sites.

The four first met during an international conference in Amsterdam for a company they all worked for. This company is known worldwide, with a prominent home base in the USA, and large satellite offices in the UK, Australia, Amsterdam, and New Zealand.

It seems an unlikely grouping to look at it on paper, but some things are just meant to be. Asher, who travels often for work, was sitting at the bar alone, drinking after a failed hook up attempt on his spare time. Graham, recently divorced, joined him and the two got to talking about a history on failed dating sites, and short term dating site success ending in miserable, expensive, drawn out divorces. Before long, two others joined in, Flynn and Cody. Flynn and Cody had bonded over football on the tv (soccer, to you North Americans) and had overheard the discussion of Asher and Graham. Flynn, who was not looking for anything serious due to a strenuous travel schedule for work, struggled finding good hookups and girls who shared the same casual approach to sex and dating. Several stereotypical “psycho-bitches” later, compliments of a well known online dating site, Flynn was ready to give up on that. Cody, a married but sex-deprived man (as most of us seem to be) was open for some excitement during travel time, but not at the cost of his marriage. And thus began a very lively discussion of the best, and worst dating / hookup sites, and what made them great, or terrible.

And so, 4 unlikely friendships were born, and from their own troubled experiences with failed dating sites, and dating site experiences, the idea for Dating-Crew.com was manifested. Why not turn our negative experiences into something positive for others? Something good had to come out of all this.

It was decided that in order to deliver solid, truthful and accurate information for Dating-Crew.com, each person would need to run an experiment and test a variety of different sites to get the proper results.

When you look at Dating-Crew.com, you’re not taking just one person’s word for how good a site is, or easy it is to find hookups. It’s been tested, and averaged through 4 different people, from different locations, social classes, backgrounds, and with different wants and needs. You are getting the most fair, well-tested and unbiased opinion possible.

Who Are These Hook Up Guys?

Anyone worth their salt is going to want to know who these guys are and what their credentials are. We have all agreed to keep the company name out of this, so we’ll just call it “Company-X.”


Official founder of Dating-Crew.com. It was Asher’s idea to start the site, based on the difficulties his newfound friends (and him, to be honest) were having with online dating and reasonable hookups. Asher is a 32 year old born and raised in Australia. He has worked for Company-X for 12 years now, and has been the VP of sales for the past 3 years in the Australia location. As part of his job, Asher travels. A LOT. This makes it hard to maintain a serious relationship, but he loves his job and loves travelling. Leaving his work has never been an option for him. Fun loving and sociable, Asher enjoys visiting new places, and meeting new people.

For the past 2 years, Asher has tried various “hook-up” sites in Australia, the US, and New Zealand, with limited success. Asher states: “The reason most ‘dates’ didn’t go as well as planned, is that the girl I am meeting with often expects more than I do. She wants a nice expensive dinner, drinks, etc. I don’t mind that. What happens though is that something else usually comes from that, and she usually wants more than just a ‘hook-up’.” Asher is the Dating-Crew guru of international hook ups, and dating sites that cater to this crowd.


Graham is a 38 year old who has been working for Company-X for 15 years now. Graham is the director of Human Resources for the main UK satellite facility the company. Graham had what he thought was the “perfect” marriage, fostered by online dating. The marriage only lasted for a year, and freshly out several thousand dollars and with a broken heart, Graham did some research only to find out that the site he thought was a dating site is actually better known by users for being a “phishing” site for girls looking to make some quick cash. Graham has a great sense of humor and doesn’t let much get him down for long, though…

Graham has tried several different dating sites now, and has gained a fresh perspective on how accurate some are (or aren’t), and what information is actually necessary for someone to share to find that perfect person out there for them.
When it comes to being a sucker, and how to help others not be a sucker, let Graham take the wheel and share his expertise on things to do – and not do – with online dating.


Flynn is an IT Cyber Security professional for Company-X, and has been doing this for 4 years now. Although this position is exciting, and a fantastic career opportunity, it offers little opportunity for the 35 year old to create and maintain any kind of serious relationship. This New Zealander got frustrated of failed relationships and receiving ultimatums about his job. Flynn decided that hook-ups were the way to go, and what better way to celebrate a new area of travel than to meet up with someone fun you’ve been chatting with online?

Flynn reports having many positive experiences with this, though shares: “I’ve found some sites just don’t put enough emphasis on someone proving who they are. There are some times I’m pretty sure the person I was talking to was not who they said they were. Yes, it’s just a hook-up, and it’s not serious, but I don’t want to be hooking up with just anybody. I often travel to the same locations for my job, so I have the opportunity to have a few consistent hook-ups with clean, honest, and hot girls. I don’t want to be caught in the middle of someone else’s relationship, and I don’t want to be hooking up with a 50 year old who says she’s 30. Some sites do more to make sure that someone is who they say they are. Those are the quality ones you need to check out.”

When it comes to long term hook-ups, and how to create and maintain these, we turn to Flynn to give us some candid guidance.


This all-American 40 year old works for Company-X in their finance department. Cody is far from the stereotypical accountant type, though. Fun-loving, adventurous, extroverted and opportunistic, Cody is a lot of fun to be around and attracts a wide array of attention.

After being married for 7 years, Cody openly admits that his sex life took a nose dive, and he was lucky to get any kind of attention from his wife once a month. Very much in love with his wife, leaving was a not an option for Cody, but a man has needs, right?

Cody turned to some on-the-sly hook up sites for married individuals looking for the same kind of excitement. Cody states: “You know, it’s kind of crazy. Here I was, bored out of my mind with my sex life, and who do you think I found on that site? My own wife! I couldn’t even be outraged, because here I was, doing the same damn thing. Turns out that she was bored of our sex life too, and we needed a serious boost…” While Cody’s story took a funny twist, and in the end turned out well, it doesn’t always work that favorably for everyone, and not all sites work to maintain your privacy as well as others. Cody adds: “It turned out really well for me, and the only thing missing in our marriage was some spark in the sexual department. She was too afraid to ask me, and I was too afraid to ask her, but now we spend lots of time meeting other couples and singles, and we couldn’t be happier in the sex department.” Whether you are looking to find a hook up on the sly while still married, or just trying to find a way to speak to your wife about needing more fun in the bedroom, Cody is a professional in this department.

As you can see, the Dating-Crew.com team has a wide array of experience and advice to share in a variety of topics. Hooking up on the fly, maintaining steady hook-ups, finding true love, or adding some spice to your marriage, we have valuable information and advice to share with you!