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On 23 November 2016
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Think you've seen it all when it comes to adult hook up dating? EasySex.com is here to prove you wrong. EasySex.com is delivering exactly what I want! You should try it! Our numbers speak for themselves

EasySex Reviews

Our team developed a four pronged technique for reviewing online dating sites which entail a four month commitment to interacting with the users, determining if the responses were legit or not, and then actually setting up dates and going on them to see if the girls showed up.

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One of the top online hookup sites we found was EasySex.com. We thought EasySex provided a really slick streamlined interface which was easy to navigate and provided a great profile searching experience. There were a lot of users and a good ratio of women to men. As the name implies, most of their clientele were interested in no strings attached encounters not necessarily lasting relationships.

Although EasySex allows limited free access, the paid membership is well worth the investment. In order to encourage women to join, membership is free for the ladies. This prevents an influx of wankers and gives paying members the best access to the site’s women. Women on free sites end up getting 40 messages a day and tend to be overwhelmed sifting through the tools. Eventually, a genuine message that might strike her fancy is buried under a pile of a dozen or so meatballs.

Is EasySex real

Yes. The site provides a legitimate dating service for men looking for women and women looking for men. There is a heavy tendency toward short term relationships or casual hookups. The ladies here are interested in some kinky fun to spice up their lives, not prince charming.

Is EasySex working for us

Yes. Date-Crew sent over 160 messages to the various women on the site. In response we got 90 replies. Of those 90 replies we set up 51 dates. Of those 51 dates 44 of the women did not blow us off. Of those 44 women we were able to close the deal 39 times. EasySex turned out to be an all around fantastic dating experience.

Pretty much everyone on our team got laid from this site. It was an easy, fun, no-nonsense site where everyone there knew exactly what they wanted and where they stood. No one there was looking to fall in love and pop out a baby. They all just wanted a little kinky fun.

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We recommend you to use EasySex in the United Kingdom. It ranks #2 as the BEST dating sites for having sex. Visit EasySex.com right now!

Other notes of Methodology

Our entire team used EasySex.com for at least 4 months where we reviewed over 300 dating sites which was targeted to men and women from all over the world who were looking for some extra fun in their lives. We found newer sites with a smaller user base, complete scam operations that were fronts for the porn industry, and in a few instances, an excellent service for online singles.

We all ended up paying for the premium service on EasySex.com and it turned out to be worth investment. The user base was solid. There were a lot of girls in our area and the majority of them were just looking for casual hookups or kink mates. A couple of us kept the premium membership because it was so successful for us. One of our team is actually dating a girl from the site regularly.

We found EasySex to be one of the top online sites for kinky casual dating on the net. The girls we met were awesome and came to the site for all different reasons. The searching interface made it easy for us to find our type and for girls to find us.

EasySex.com is a legit dating service for hooking up and casual dating. We loved the interface. We appreciated the staff involvement. We didn’t run into too many cam girls highjacking the site for new clients, and when we did, we reported them to the staff and they were removed. That’s exactly what you want from an internet dating service.

What features does EasySex offer for Premium service

In order to fully appreciate the site you will need to pay for their tiered membership program. But we think it’s worth it. So here’s what you get:

1. Send to and reply to private e-mail
2. You can add sexy photos of yourself. EasySex will not censor sexy photos so the ladies can upload pics of themselves with full nudity.
3. You can search for users based on personal kinks, or other more standard characteristics, like hair color, height etc..
4. EasySex message boards let you interact with users on your time
5. There are also live chat rooms that you can enter
6. There’s access to adult videos if your date doesn’t show

Overall Review of EasySex

EasySex is one of the top online dating sites that we came across. Girls there know what they’re looking for, hookups, casual sex, and short term dating. We hooked up a lot from this site. It was a better payoff than any of us had expected. The premium service was worth it in our opinion. It was a good investment. We all got laid thanks to EasySex.com. EasySex offers a legit dating service for singles of all sorts who are looking for anything no strings hookups, booty calls, casual sex, and stress-free dating.

We got a decent return on our messages sent and the hookup ratio was considerably higher than other sites offering a similar service. Perhaps because the users there have to pay in, you get less buffoons spamming the girls accounts with “Hey there ur cool” messages.

The girls we met were fun and liked to have a good time and did not expect anything serious nor our credit card number. If we had to put a number on it, we would give EasySex 9 on a scale of 10. One of the best sites we reviewed for online hook ups and dating.