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On 23 November 2016
Last modified:26 January 2023


It's an amazing pick for any Scotland bloke in the business for a hot date tonight - we guarantee it. › I used to get so frustrated with websites, this isn't the case with this British adult hook up site.

SexFinder Reviews

We wanted to find the best hookup sites online for scoring casual sex. So what did we do? We developed a process for reviewing each individual site by the same standard. After four months of interaction with the site, the user base, and the staff, we came up with a method of grading the individual sites based on our interactions.

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One of the better online hookup sites we found was We thought SexFinder provided a user-friendly and intuitive interface which put hundreds of girls in any given area at the tip of your fingers. There was a very good ratio of men to women, who were all looking for casual, short term dating and hookups. We did not find SexFinder to be an ideal site for pursuing romantic relationships

Although SexFinder allows limited free access, the paid membership is a necessary investment to get any value out of the site. Membership is paid by ladies too which discourages escorts and cam girls from illegally using the site to solicit clients. This happens with all online dating sites, but the good ones actively discourage and remove users who violate their terms of service.

SexFinder was one of those sites and we had a great time interacting with girls and getting dates. The girls weren’t there looking for Mr. Right, they wanted to have a little fun and they didn’t want to mess around with co-workers or dudes from their social scene which can get messy.

Is SexFinder real

Yes. SexFinder provides a legitimate service to both men and women looking for short term dating or casual hookups. The ladies are interested in having a good time and SexFinder does a good job of weeding out the cam girls and escorts.

Is SexFinder working for us

Yes. Our team sent over 160 e-mails to the various women on the site. In response we got 90 replies. Of those 69 replies we set up 30 dates. Of those 30 dates 22 of the women did not blow us off. Of those 22 women we were able to close the deal 20 times. SexFinder turned out to be an excellent site for scoring casual hookups.

We all got a decent amount of booty from SexFinder. The girls were fun. The site was easy to use and the search engine allowed a great deal of excellent filters that helped you refine your searches to find the types of girls you are looking for. They were not trying to screw you over with hidden fees and employees posing as local singles. It was a solid service which offered exactly what they claimed to offer: place for kinky singles to meet and hookup.

SexFinder testimonials

We recommend you to use SexFinder in the United Kingdom. It ranks #4 as the BEST dating sites for having sex. Visit right now!

Other notes of Methodology

Our guys used SexFinder for over a four month period, interacting with the girls on the site, sending messages, posting pics, and scoring dates. We got a decent amount responses and from those we scored a decent amount of dates from the site and did not run into any cam girls or escorts. SexFinder does a good job of weeding them out, and will respond if you let them know that there’s one lurking around. They have a vested interest in building their site’s user base and denying access to users who are misusing the site.

The premium service on is worth it. They have a solid user base that they’ve built on top of excellent standards and high quality service. The girls came from all different backgrounds and were looking for no strings attached encounters, just like we were. Most of us kept our membership with the site although a couple of us are in serious relationships now so they’re not cruising on the internet looking for hookups. Still, they had a lot of fun using the site and the general consensus among us that it was a quality service.

In our opinion, SexFinder was one of the better sites for online dating on the net. The girls were hot and willing and the interface is exceptional. We scored quite a few dates and got some nice booty.

What features does SexFinder offer for Premium service

We were like you, fairly cautious about giving money to an online dating service. There are so many free ones out there but you just don’t get very many replies and the girls are mostly looking for long term relationships, not sex. But SexFinder offers a solid service with a few really hot features which we were totally into. It’s free to join and look around, but tiered membership offers full access to the site’s best features.

1. Send to and reply to private e-mail
2. You can add sexy photos of yourself. SexFinder will not censor sexy photos so the ladies can upload pics of themselves with full nudity.
3. You can search for users based on personal kinks, or other more standard characteristics, like hair color, height etc..
4. There are also live chat rooms that you can enter
5. You can do voice messages

Overall Review of SexFinder

We found SexFinder to be a very good dating site on the internet for hookups or for casual sex and short term dating. SexFinder had a good database of users and the girls who responded to our messages were definitely real women looking for casual encounters and not pay to play sex workers or cam girls from Russia. The premium membership was worth the money we invested and everyone on our team found at least one other girl to hook up with except for Jimmy (lol). The girls were amazing and there was a wide user base to choose from. SexFinder offers a legit dating service for single men and women from all over the world. There are kink searches you can do as well as checking out girls who match your type physically.

We gave SexFinder an 8 on a scale of 10. One of the best sites we’ve ever been on for online hook ups and dating.