How to find out if she’s a no strings kind of girl

dating girlsNo Strings Kind Of Girl

For us men, there’s no harder task than trying to read into the mind of a woman. They aren’t wired in the same ways that we are, after all. For every linear thought that we have, they have 20, multi-layered, endless rabbit hole thoughts that branch into millions of other thoughts. Frankly, understanding the mind of a woman completely is such a daunting task that we shouldn’t waste our time with it. We should focus on small things, one task at a time. One of the best and most fun tasks to focus on when it comes to women is how to generate no strings attached, one night stands with them. This in itself has always been a tough mountain for men to climb. We’ve been restricted to physical approaches for generations, and with the barriers between women’s minds and ours, it’s always been extremely difficult to find out if they’re the type of casual women who would sleep with a man without expecting an exclusive relationship afterwards. Of course, it’s possible to approach a woman in person and end the night in a loving, casual embrace, but it’s very tricky to do. Thankfully for all of us, there are online hookup websites out there that allow us to meet women who have the same intentions in mind as we do. If a woman becomes a member on a casual hookup site, she’s basically saying that she’s in a position in life where she’d be willing to have casual sex with you if you play your cards right. So, all you have to do is sign up on these sites, chat up these women with your signature charm, and arrange a first date with them. Read on, and we’ll tell you how to seal the deal from that point.

First Step: Break The Ice

There’s a well-known point during a date where both parties become significantly more comfortable with each other. At this point, the ice is broken, and the rest of the date will surely progress more smoothly. People often wonder how to break the ice, and the simple answer is that it often falls on telling the right joke. We do mean the right joke here; it’s important not to experiment with exceedingly dark or dirty humour, and definitely avoid being cheesy by telling her a knock knock joke. It’s not even necessary to pre-plan the joke — chances are that you’ll find plenty of material for laughter along the journey of your first date. You could see someone wearing a funny hat, or you might find a frog crossing a busy street, like in the old school arcade game Frogger. Who knows what you’ll find while you’re out with this girl, the possibilities are literally quite endless. Laughter is the key to interpersonal comfort, and comfort is the way to a woman’s heart. If she’s more comfortable around you, she’ll be less restricted in her actions, and you’ll have a much better chance of capping off the night with a very happy ending.

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Read Her Body Language.

When it comes to adult dating, a lot of the communication occurs in bodily regions outside of the mouth. Her eyes, posture, and mannerisms can say a lot more than her words. Words are spoken with specific intentions in mind; body language, meanwhile, is subconscious. If her posture is restricted, and she doesn’t make a lot of eye contact with you, that’s an indicator that the date might not be going so well, and it might be time for you to change your strategy. If, however, you see that her body language is open and free, that’s a good indicator that you two are like-minded in that you’d both be willing to go to bed with each other at the end of the night.

Ask Her To Come Over

A first date can end in two basic ways: with you saying goodbye to her and going your separate ways, or with you making breakfast for her in the morning and calling her a cab. You probably prefer the latter option, and chances are, so does she. The only way to find out is if you make your move when the time is right. Don’t be shy, now is the time to step up and go for gold. Take a deep breath, and remember that she signed up to the online hookup site for the same reason you did — to hook up with a person she meets online, which in this case is you, good sir. Go for it — we believe in you!