The 5 rules of pleasing a woman

pleasing a womanPleasing A Woman

The question of how to please a woman has been on men’s minds since the dawn of time. Wrapping our minds around the necessary tasks to complete in a day is demanding enough, but then, at the very end of the day, we have to deal with the whole abstract concept of pleasing a woman! It’s a huge, complicated field, and the best we can do here is just take it step by step and learn as we go. Women don’t even have a concrete grasp of what they desire in order to be pleased. They have some notion of it, but then a contradictory notion comes into play and the whole thing becomes an amorphous mess. There are online hookup platforms that help link us to women on adult dating sites looking for the things we want, and that’s a good start. To be considered a real champ in bed, we would have to be nothing short of total mind readers. How do we even prepare ourselves for entering this vast field? Well, thankfully, we can offer some key tips that will help you get started in the right direction when it comes to pleasing a woman.

Be In Tune With Her Needs

Although it would take a perfect mind reader to be considered indisputably perfect in bed, that’s just out of the question for us, unless you happen to be some kind of mutant from the X-Men universe. For most of us, who are just mortal beings with mortal abilities, the best we can do is read a woman’s body language throughout a night of casual sex, and take the night as it comes based on what her body tells us. We know, body language is definitely an abstract form of communication, but it is definitely the language that women use to communicate with during sex. However, before and after sex, and sometimes during it, you can definitely revert to the traditional form of communication, and perhaps she can help confirm what you suspected from her body language.

Communicate Openly

Whether it’s someone you’re in a committed relationship with, or a casual partner for only one night, verbal communication can go a long way in helping you demystify the foggy field of pleasing a woman. When talking about sexual specificities with your woman, express how interested you are in making sure she has a passionate night, and get her to tell you everything that she wants you to do to her. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable conversations that can be had between two people, and best of all, it will lead to you making sure that your sexual night is intimate for both parties.

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Be Open To Experimentation

While you and your gal are discussing the specificities of the sex you’re about to have, it might come to light that she is into certain things that you never tried before. Maybe she’s had some experience with BDSM in the past, and that really turned her on. You might not have tried anything like that before. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the sexual experiments that your lady proposes, as they might open a new, sexually adventurous world to you that you never thought possible. Of course, at the end of the day, only engage in sexual activities that you’re completely comfortable with. However, if you find yourself on the fence about a certain thing, give your woman the benefit of the doubt, and you might end up thanking her for the experience later.

Don’t Be So Selfish

The prime mistake that men make when trying to give women a good time in bed is that they think mostly, or only, of themselves. While this definitely works out for us, it almost never results in a satisfying time for the woman. When having sex, it’s important that this glorious activity is made possible by two parties — you and her, not just you. Respect the other party, make her satisfaction a priority as well as yours, and you’ll see that you can make beautiful music with your two bodies.


At the end of the day, it’s important not to get too wound up by the notion of pleasing a woman. As we said, unless you’re an evolved being with telepathic superpowers, you’re not a mind reader, and your woman won’t expect you to be. There are too many invisible factors at play in bed for you to be concentrated on every single one of them. Sex is supposed to be fun, and you should be having it with a laid back, relaxed perspective in mind. Women can sniff out your interior energies like a hound; if your thoughts are consumed by the notion of how to specifically get her off in every way possible, and that’s making you nervous, your lady will sense it, and she’ll be immediately turned off by it, thus contradicting your obsessive goals. Just go with the flow, take it easy, follow the tips we highlighted above, and both you and your date for the night will fall asleep tired, happy, and fully satisfied.