Dating on Facebook: How to Make It Work

cute icebreakersDating using Facebook can be a great alternative to standard dating sites

casual dating websites can be very effective when using the right ones, but dating on Facebook is something that many people pass on without realizing just how useful it can be. Although not a sex dating site, Facebook is a great way to connect with friends of friends and meet up with women for some no strings attached fun in the Christchurch, NZ area. If you’re going to take this route, be sure to take note of the tips that we’ve covered below to be sure that you’re as prepared as possible for the world of Facebook dating.

Update Your Photos

Remember that photo of your friend’s bachelor party? Or those sloppy photos of you fresh from the bar? Get rid of them. Although you can still keep these photos for personal use, if you’re going to use Facebook as a dating website, you’re going to need to treat it like one and make sure that the photos that you post are the reflection of you that you want other women to see. Of course, if you’re going to be using Facebook as more of a sex dating site, provocative photos might come in handy, but that’s up for you to decide.

Keep Your Wall Clean

If you’re going to be messaging people on Facebook looking for dates or no strings attached fun, you need to be mindful of what you post on walls. Just like your photos, your wall posts will reflect on you. Facebook can be a great alternative to sex dating sites, but don’t post anything that you aren’t comfortable with your potential dates seeing. Posting pick-up lines to multiple womens’ walls can easily backfire on you when they all see what your saying to each other.

Keep Making Friends

Stay on top of your friends list and keep adding friends of friends and anyone that you think you’d have a chance with. Using Facebook gives you access to people that you otherwise never would have been able to connect with, be it friends from school or coworkers. A great tool to use is the Friend Finder, which lets you find people using your email address book.

Use Friends for Help

If you’re not comfortable shooting a message to friends of friends, you can always talk to your friends and ask them for a in. Something as simple as commenting on one of their cute friends and asking for a quick introduction can go a long way and lead to something real, so never pass up on opportunities like these when you see them.

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Stay Calm

Having access to so many different women and being able to message them and get a glimpse into their lives can be a blessing and a curse. If someone doesn’t respond to your advances, don’t push it – stalking her profile or continuing to harass her will only harm your chances even more and could push them to unfriend you. Keep things casual and when you fail, simply move on – there’s plenty more women out there and using Facebook makes connecting with them extremely simple.

Be Careful!

Using Facebook gives you access to people that might know a lot of other people you know. Although this is a great way to meet women and make them more comfortable with responding to you, it’s also a double-edged sword if you don’t go about your business in the proper manner. If you decide to go after women connected to people that you know, remember that anything that goes wrong with your advances or sexual encounters will likely make it through her circle of friends. Don’t do anything too wild or unlike you unless you want other people that you’re acquainted with to find out about it.

We spend around three and a half hours a day on Facebook, so why pay for a dating service? Many people prefer to use them and they can definitely work, but Facebook can be a great dating tool to find local singles that have mutual interests, as well as get a glimpse into the lives of the women you’re interested in to get a feel for who they are. Even for those looking for fun without strings attached, Facebook can be a great alternative to casual dating websites.