Best Dating Sites Spotlight: Bumble

bumbleOur team shines the spotlight on Bumble, on of the best dating services out there

With the wealth of internet dating services out there, finding the best dating platforms can be tough. Many services offer promises of casual hookups and real girls, only to disappoint with nothing but fake profiles and people that will just waste your time. Our team took a stab at Bumble, a dating service that aims to provide an alternative to Tinder that places more focus on giving women the upper hand. It’s a fresh new take on online dating and one that really is a great way to find casual hookups in Hamiltion, NZ, so take a look at what we think about it below.

How It Works

Much like Tinder, Bumble provides users with numerous local singles looking to connect for some dating or casual fun. Once two people like each other, a 24-hour time period begins, only this time the woman has to be the one to initiate the messaging. After this period ends, the connection will disappear and you won’t have a chance to connect with this person again. The fact that only two people who have liked each other can connect gives Bumble an advantage over other dating services by eliminating the overwhelming amount of options that singles are typically presented with.

A New Take

Putting women in the driver’s seat makes Bumble a very different experience, especially for men. If you’re used to initiating the first conversation with women and typically rely on standard pickup lines, this app might turn you off. But let’s face it – if you’re relying on cheesy pickup lines to try and connect with women online, you’re probably not having much luck anyways. With Bumble, you need to make sure that your photos and profile are top-quality and give women a reason to reach out to you. The best part about this is that once a woman does connect with you, the chances of you getting a date with them and having fun is much higher, so you know you’re doing something right.

Best Dating App

Bumble is definitely one of the best dating apps out there and even if you’re a bit uncomfortable with its unique setup at first, we urge you to give it some time. One of the biggest things that pushes women away from apps like Tinder is the amount of rude messages that they receive from guys. Ultimately, these kinds of men are making things worse for you by giving the service a bad reputation and shining a negative light on male singles such as yourself. With Bumble, women feel much more comfortable with the power in their hands and if you have the confidence, you’ll have no problem finding one that’s looking to meet up.

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Casual Hookups

Much like Tinder, many of the women on Bumble are looking for casual hookups. However, not all of them are, so if you’re looking for the best site for casual hookups, there are plenty of other options. With the right game though, you can find someone looking for some quick fun and let off the stress that your everyday life has been putting on your shoulders. Have some patience and know what you’re looking for and you’ll have a much easier time connecting with women on the same page as you.

Paid Features

Bumble offers a few paid features that can be purchased in order to make your dating experience more smooth. One of these features is Beeline, which allows you to access a queue of users that have already liked them and connect with them be bypassing the swipe process. Another is Rematch, which gives you a chance to reconnect with users that have expired past the 24-hour limit following a mutual like. Finally, Busy Bee allows you to increase the 24-hour time limit by another day and give you more time to connect with potential dates. All of these features are worth the extra cost and make the app much more effective for connecting with women that have similar interests as you.

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Bumble is one of the best dating apps out there for single men looking for real girls that actually want to connect and meet up. After getting a feel for how the service works, you’ll realize that it’s pretty much like Tinder but with more emphasis on making females feel comfortable and in control. It might sound a bit intimidating at first, especially if you’re used to making the first move, but give yourself some time to get a feel for the service and consider using some of its premium features and you’ll be meeting up with local Hamilton singles in no time.