Dating at Work: Dos and Don’ts

good dating habitsTake a look at the dos and don’ts for dating at work below.

Dating at work is considered by many to be an off-limits practice – something that leads to nothing but stress and trouble. Although it can be a difficult situation, it’s definitely not impossible and if you find that special someone and they happen to work with you, don’t pass up on the opportunity just yet. If you’re wondering what to do in this type of situation, our San Diego team has outlined the dos and don’t of dating at work below to help you out.


Make Sure She’s a Keeper

OK, so you don’t have to be positive that this person is going to be the one that you spend the rest of your waking moment with, but you need to at least be sure that this is someone you can seriously see yourself being with for a while. If you’re just looking for a quick fix, do yourself a favor and take a look at the casual personals on some of the new dating services out there. A quick sexual encounter is definitely not worth the stress and strain that will come with having to work with someone that you decided to have a one-night stand with.

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Know Company Policy

Always take a look at your company’s policy before initiating something with someone in the workplace. If it turns out that workplace dating is against the rules, you don’t want to waste the stability and financial support of your job for someone that you haven’t even started dating yet. Of course, if you’re both really into each other and feel like you’re going to be passing up a real, valuable relationship, talk to the human resources department and they might be able to make some exceptions to any clauses that forbid dating in the workplace.

Be Honest

Before you dive into the workplace dating world, make sure to be honest about every possible situation that could arise from the decision. Ask yourself questions such as: What if we breakup? Will we be able to continue working together if things don’t work out? How will this affect our relationships with other people in the workplace? Try and have an open, honest conversation about the worst case scenarios so that you know that you’re both on the same page before getting involved.



Sure, a few PDAs every now and then might seem harmless, but ultimately they can put the spotlight on your relationship and give your employer more of a reason to think that it’s going to become a problem. Keep the affection for outside of the workplace and maintain a professional image and you’ll be doing yourselves a favor in the long run.

Get a Reputation

Dating at work can lead to real connections, but if you start doing it too much you’re going to develop a reputation that could end up harming your image. Don’t become that guy that’s constantly hitting on the women at your work, otherwise you’ll start to make them feel uncomfortable and decrease your chances of being able to date any of them.

Favor Them

Giving your partner special treatment while working with them will reflect poorly on your ethics in the workplace and decrease your chances of getting a positive reference. If you’re going to be serious about workplace dating, you need to learn how to turn off the relationship switch and get into work mode to ensure that your connection doesn’t take its toll on your image and future opportunities.

Get Involved with Your Boss

Unless you’re really, really sure about them, don’t get into a relationship with someone who supervises you. People that make decisions that influence things such as your salary should really be viewed as off limits and getting involved with can make things even more tricky than workplace dating already is. Don’t put yourself in a situation that’s going to make your worklife complicated and get in the way of your success.

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Although dating at work can be tough, following the dos and don’ts above will help you decide whether or not it’s the right decision for you. With the right mindset, it can be done and many relationships that start in the workplace can be just as successful and fulfilling as those that blossomed outside of it on dating services. Know what you’re getting into and the many ways that things can go right and wrong and we’re sure that you’ll be off to a good start.