Online Dating Reviews: Tests & Analyzes

In our opinion, does not deliver on its name’s promise to form matches between singles online. We have reviewed 300 online hookup websites designed to generate casual sex encounters from the web, and we spent a lot of effort over a period of four months in doing so. We went through this process in […] Read More

We have noticed during our extensive reviews of casual sex sites that there are varying degrees of success that a site can put out when it comes to actually facilitating the arrangement of one night stands between singles. There are some sites that work perfectly, others that do not do the job at all, and […] Read More

It seems to us that, out of the several best hookup websites designed to produce online casual encounters between nearby singles, there are many platforms out there that simply don’t do what they’re meant to. is unfortunately one of these websites. Over a period of four months, we have extensively reviewed 300 online hookup […] Read More

We believe that all online hookup platforms share the same purpose: to set two neighboring strangers on a path toward a one night stand. It’s a simple enough mission statement, but the unfortunate truth is that not every platform manages to pull it off. For instance, is one of those online hookup platforms that […] Read More

We believe that is not the ideal platform to use when looking for casual hookups with hot single ladies in your area. We went into our review process for hoping that the site would generate positive results, but this proved to be far from the case. has performed very poorly in terms […] Read More

It seems to us that comes nowhere near honouring its title. We have engaged in a thorough, comprehensive reviewing process that encompassed over 300 dating websites, and has clearly come out as one of the most disappointing online casual encounter platforms that are available online. There are a plethora of other options out […] Read More

We have noticed that is not as awesome as it seems. This is after an in-depth review of hookup sites. According to our observation, the site is not appealing and is simply not up to scratch. If you are seeking to get laid with no strings attached, you’d probably be better off elsewhere, but […] Read More

In our opinion, is on the weaker end of the spectrum when it comes to the available options for no strings attached sex generated from online encounters. With other hookup sites that do the job much better, we don’t see why consumers looking for online hookups would choose DatinginSecret. Is DatingInSecret working? DatingInSecret was […] Read More

In our opinion, the site MysexHookups is certainly not the best that there is. Lets agree, we visit these sites because we want to get laid but with the least inconvenience possible. Sadly, it is a little tricky finding a good fuck buddy on MySexHookups. While it is possible to eventually find someone to shag, […] Read More

SexFinder Reviews We wanted to find the best hookup sites online for scoring casual sex. So what did we do? We developed a process for reviewing each individual site by the same standard. After four months of interaction with the site, the user base, and the staff, we came up with a method of grading […] Read More