3 ways to last longer in bed

last longer in bedLast Longer In Bed

As men, we are definitely lucky to have gotten the longer end of the stick when it comes to sex. We essentially have the opportunity to get ourselves off every single time we engage in sexual intercourse with our female partners. Our female partners, however, definitely don’t get to have the full release that they want every time they have sex. Actually, studies show that many women never experience a vaginal orgasm in their entire lives! Meanwhile, on the male side, we simply have no chance of counting the amount of orgasms that we’ve had during sex. This comes down to a lot of things. Women’s brains are infinitely more intricate than ours are, especially when it comes to sex, and they need to be stimulated in ways that we don’t even consider. Aside from that, many women need to be stimulated for an extended period of time in order to come even close to reaching orgasm. A lot of the time, women’s sexual issues with their man come down to the simple fact that the sex is over far before her engine even started rolling. Women in the Kiwi casual hookups scene are definitely not exempt from men who don’t last long in bed. If you’re a man in the Kiwi dating scene, or a man in any dating scene at any part in the world, you need to understand that women tend to get frustrated when their men hop aboard them, do their business in less than two minutes, then roll off. It’s simply the wrong dating message for us to send. It’s not fair to them, and since we hold most of the cards in our hands, it’s up to us to make sure that the sex lasts long enough for both parties to get their full enjoyment out of it. Of course, the matter of lasting a long time in bed is a seemingly abstract concept that we don’t think we have control over, but the truth is that there are several things we can do in order to exert some control in this field. The first step is finding hot women on online hookup platforms, then, when we’re done our adult dating site experience, it’s time to date and eventually have sex with these women. Read below for some tips on how to last longer in bed.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Like in many fields of life, everything comes down to living a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, vitamin-rich foods, exercise consistently, get enough sleep, avoid drinking and smoking. Your body will thank you for doing this for years to come, and so will your woman, as your ejaculation rate will be more in your control than ever before. Aside from helping you to monitor your orgasm speed, being fit and healthy will give you some more stamina and flexibility in bed, which will definitely help both casual women and women you’re in a relationship with go to bed fully satisfied after your sexual conquest.

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A lot of sex happens before penetration, and we call that foreplay. As we mentioned above, women are way more complex in their needs than men are when it comes to sex. For us, simply engaging in some penetration to get ourselves off is more than enough to put us right to bed at the end of the night. Women, however, require stimulation in order for their engines to be ready to fully roar. That’s where foreplay comes in. Before the actual intercourse starts, spend some time to kiss your woman and touch her in her erogenous zones to get her fully stimulated. If the mood is right, engage in some oral sex to really excite her mind and body. Pretty soon, she’ll be all hot and bothered, and she’ll basically grab you and throw you on top of her. Because of all the foreplay, she’ll be so turned on by sex that she’ll be likely to achieve her orgasm sooner than normal, and all you have to do is last long enough to make that happen.

Control Your Breathing

During sex, our breathing rate tends to get higher and higher until we eventually achieve orgasm. We feel ourselves panting at a steadily increasing rate until we eventually blink and find ourselves feeling totally relieved as the sex comes to an end. While it’s a good thing that we find some sexual relief, it’s a bad thing that women get the short end of the stick in this regard. By controlling your breathing rate, you’re allowing your body to stabilize to the rhythm and sexual energy that your woman is feeding you. Take deep breathes, in deeply and out slowly, and you’ll find that you’ll have a lot more time on your hands to fully satisfy your woman in bed.