4 Ways to stay out of the online dating friendzone in New Zealand

friend zoneAvoid The Friendzone

Being out in the dating world, the last thing that we ever want to find ourselves in is the dreaded, nightmarish friendzone. This is the end of the road for all bachelors, and no amount of hard work can get us out of it. It’s best to be constantly mindful of the friendzone, and do whatever we can to stay out of it. The friendzone is as prevalent in New Zealand as it is everywhere else in the world, and it demands both fear and respect. Also, the friendzone is not only restricted to the realm of traditional dating; it is as prevalent in online dating as it is everywhere else. No matter which hookup websites for New Zealanders you find yourself in, you’ll always find yourself at risk of being cast into the dreaded friendzone. Luckily for you, we’ve been friendzoned during our nz encounters more than our fair share of times, and we know exactly how to keep out of it. Read below for tips on how you can stay out of the friendzone and increase your chances of getting laid online.

Make Sure That She Knows What Your Intentions Are

We’re not saying that your first message to women on these online hookup sites should be a variation of “I want to get laid!” We’re saying that you shouldn’t lead women to thinking that the only thing you want out of them is friendship. Of course, no one on these sites will blatantly tell women that they want to be friends with them; they just act (or fail to act) in certain ways that give women the overwhelming urge to shove them in the friendship cage. Avoiding the friendzone and working towards getting laid means toeing a very thin line. You need to flirt with the women you chat with online, while not giving off the impression that you’re coming on too strong. At the end of the day, you and these ladies are on these adult dating platforms for the same reason, so they’ll be more open to being flirtatious than the average woman. Use this to your advantage, and you’ll keep yourself as far away from the friendzone as possible.

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Have The Right Adult Dating Website Profile

Your adult dating website profile is the first impression you give any women you meet online. That said, it’s important that you look and seem your best through your profile. Choose the pictures where you’re at your most handsome; include personal information that shows that you’re into having a good time, and not so much into making friends. Having the right adult dating website profile can separate the potential friends from the potential lovers in a woman’s mind, so it’s important for you to remain on the right side of that.

Don’t Disappear

Again, we don’t mean to suggest that you go to extremes to remain a persistent online presence in women’s lives. That can lead to total personal banishment, which is a fate quite similar to the friend zone. However, if your chats with her are overly sporadic and not consistent enough, you’re leaving a lot of time for other guys to chat her up. If the right male user grabs her attention, she’ll forget all about you as the object of her affection, and you’ll be tragically relocated to her pen pal file. Maintain a consistent correspondence with her until the time is ripe for you to ask her on a date. This way, you’ll have gotten her first, and it’ll be the other guys who are doomed to an existence in the hellish friendzone.

Make A Move When The Time Is Right

Jumping into your big move before she’s ready for it is a surefire way to extinguish her flame before it ever really got to burning. However, if you miss your chance on making your move, she’ll quickly get bored with you and will look to other men to give her the romantic companionship she needs. This applies to both the online chatting stages and on the first date. During an online chat, you need to ask her out on a date as soon as you feel she’s ready to be asked. If you ask her a day or two late, you’ll find that her attention lies elsewhere, and it will be far too late for you. If you actually do manage to go on a date with her, you need to make your physical move right when the time calls for it. It takes some experience and a keen intuition to be aware of when and how you should do this. The most important thing is to just go for it, not fearing the results. Go boldly into the night, good sirs. Make sure that friendzone dungeon is nice and locked.